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The Scene Philippine Cancer Society Launches Coffee Table Book Featuring Best Dressed Men And Women

Philippine Cancer Society Launches Coffee Table Book Featuring Best Dressed Men And Women

Philippine Cancer Society Launches Coffee Table Book Featuring Best Dressed Men And Women
Photo: Unsplash
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
January 14, 2021
These ladies and gentlemen have made a mark on Philippine society through fashion and philanthropy. Meet some of the best dressed of our nation featured in Philippine Cancer Society's latest coffee table book

Every year, a lavish ball is thrown for the benefit of the Philippine Cancer Society and in it, the entire country is introduced to some of the most remarkable personalities in Philippine society. Obviously, with the current pandemic, the usual gala had had to be cancelled. Instead, the Best Dressed Women Of The Philippines has, for the first time in its history, immortalised its awardees via a coffee table book. It gave honour to a wide category of luminaries including those under the 2020 Best Dressed Women of the Philippines, the Women of Elegance and Influence, the Style Icons, the Women of Style and Philanthropy, the Trendsetters, the Ambassadors for Life, the Luminary Philanthropist of the Philippines, along with the Men of Extraordinary Influence, the Men of Exemplary Influence, and the Most Influential Man of the Philippines.

In no long amount of time, the first edition coffee table book had garnered six million pesos for the benefit of the Philippine Cancer Society, one of the big "C's" in 2020, right alongside COVID-19. 

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Among the awardees are Alice Eduardo, the 2020 Luminary Philanthropy of the Philippines, and 2020's Most Influential Man in the Philippines, Ambassador Francis Chua. 

Some of the Best Dressed Women of the Philippines also included Mache Ackermann, Cecille Asprec, Rosemarie Custodio Basa, Risa Caldoza, Marilyne De Mesa, Kaydee Velasco, Pauline Laping, Eisa Mercado, Janice Misa, Malou Monteverde, Melanie Omar, Shirley Sobremote, Beging Soriano, Chuchi Serrano Villar, Prescy Yulo and Sheila Lobien.

But of course, we're also here to pay tribute to some distinguished men, who have found themselves between the pages of this very proud book. These are the Men of Exemplary Influence, which include: Fred Yuson, Francis Zamora, Jaime Ponce de Leon, Jose Soberano, Roberto Nazal, Tomas Monteverde, and Vito Selma. Each of them has played a vital role in fundraising for the benefit of indigent cancer patients all over the country.


Fred Yuson

Fred Yuson, who sadly lost both his parents to cancer, has taken a very personal stand in the fight against it. "I have been a strong supporter of the Philippine Cancer Society as I believe they are truly making a difference with the help of the private sector and all individuals coming together,” he says. His dream, which is to put up a Hope For Cancer in the country, will be one that helps to provide alternative care and medication to patients who prefer non-invasive procedures. 

Jaime Ponce de Leon

Jamie Ponce de Leon, the director and curator of Léon Gallery, has handled works from collectors such as Ramon Villegas, Luis and J Antonio Araneta, and Enrique Zobel. It is with his leadership and commitment that Léon Gallery has been and continues to be a leader in the acquisition of Philippine art. “We were honoured to partner with the prestigious Asian Cultural Council (A.C.C.) to raise funds in support of giving grants to Filipino artists in the pursuit of excellence through study and exposure abroad,” he says, speaking on a recently concluded auction that involved the work of National Artist and A.C.C. grantee Jose T. Joya.  

Jose Soberano

A Cebuano at heart, Jose Soberano is a decades-long veteran of the Ayala Group of Companies. His leadership has extended over to stints at Ayala Investment, Bank of the Philippine Islands, and Ayala Land Inc., not to mention roles in horizontal and vertical developments in Cebu. These days, he is serving as the chairman of the board at the Centre for Industrial Technology and Enterprise, which is a socially-oriented institution that provides technical training to underprivileged youth. Very proudly, Soberano adds that he is "proud to be a part of the Cebuano community."

Francis Zamora

Local mayor, Francis Zamora, is not just a leader at San Juan City but is also something of a visionary. After the difficult times faced by local citizens last year — such as at the Greenhills hostage-taking — Zamora has only proven his eagerness to be a hands-on and accountable civil servant, especially to his San Juaneño constituents. "I dream of high-rise, in-city, socialized public housing and a modernized public hospital,” Zamora says. “A ‘Smart City’ pioneering in technology and digitalization for all barangays, local governance, and public education.” 

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Roberto Nazal Jr

Health truly is wealth, and no one understands this better than Robert Nazal Jr, founder of HWL Inc or HealthWellnessLifestyle Inc. "Our vision is to make health and wellness commonplace in every Filipino’s lifestyle,” he says. "[We wish to achieve this] by breaking the exclusivity that surrounds it and promoting a positive regime readily attainable for every Filipino.” Through their wide range of products, Robert and his team continue to provide an inclusive and holistic approach for every Filipino who wishes to look and feel the best they can. 



Tomas Monteverde

While Tomas Monteverde is known to be practising doctor and surgeon, he also professes to have two other passions that influence his life: music and the Bible. "I  play the acoustic and electric guitar,” the doctor says. “My favourite guitar is the Fender Stratocaster.” Whereas his love for music seems to be an innate talent, his discovery of the Bible came from an interesting run-in with a priest in need of a gallstone operation. "I refused to let the priest pay me for the procedure,” he says, “so he gave me a book instead. It was called Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth – otherwise known as the BIBLE.” Since then, Tomas Monteverde has been an avid reader and believer of The Good Book, crediting it for changing his perspective on life. 

Vito Selma

"I’ve gone on my path always taking chances, as though I’m always flipping a coin and holding my breath to see which side shows up, and here I am still breathing." Vito Selma says. The young designer, who, while having hadn't finished college, was still able to pursue his dream in taking a masters degree in Italy. So while his life on Instagram may seem perfect, Vitug admits that that's only the tip of the iceberg. “There are numerous things I like to keep private,” he explains, “and these include the things that mean the most to me.”

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