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Close Up Rajo Laurel Collaborates With Pacific Traders For His First Ever Furniture Line

Rajo Laurel Collaborates With Pacific Traders For His First Ever Furniture Line

Rajo Laurel Collaborates With Pacific Traders For His First Ever Furniture Line
By Christine Andas
By Christine Andas
November 04, 2020
Rajo Laurel shares the inspiration behind his new furniture line. Read on to find out how to get the new collection:

It seems that when renowned fashion designer, Rajo Laurel, began designing furniture in 2018, he didn't realise that he would launch his first-ever line at a time when a great number of people across the globe would be so interested in sprucing up and refurbishing their homes. Talk about perfect timing!

Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

Through an interview, Rajo shared that starting his first furniture line was not initially inspired by the pandemic. "I’ve actually been quietly working on this since 2018 and at the time I was building my beach house, so that began that journey," he shared. But apart from his personal inspiration, Rajo was eager to collaborate with Pacific Traders to work using sustainable materials from the Philippines.

Rajo had already foreseen the value of sustainability in fashion. And now, he has decided to do the same for furniture, creating something most of us would love to have at home given the collective interest in renovation. There had been attempts to build or rebuild, add or replace; all to create a safer yet cosier space for our families. 

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Family was the inspiration behind the concept of Rajo's collection. "I was inspired primarily with the memories of my family and how they live and entertain. Especially, the women in my family. I wanted to recreate the feeling of home from a perspective of warmth and love. I also wanted to use spherical shapes as a nod to my craft as a dress designer. So most of the designs have these undulating curves mimicking the feminine form."

Rajo's sketches, which show multiple curves all drawn in similar strokes, reveal this. 

All the while, Rajo was somehow treading unfamiliar ground. It was fortunate that he had his partner Nix Alanon, who is a veteran in the interior and industrial design industry, as a guide. "He held my hand throughout the entire process. He was vital in establishing certain rules that I abided by," Rajo shared.

"This was all so new to me so I really had to be taught like a 5-year-old! However, there lies the joy and the fun of it all as I really was hungry to learn.  It’s a completely different practice. Knowing the right proportions is always important but perhaps due to my naivete’, I think we came out with really fresh ideas that I am so proud of," he added.

Considering that he had previously designed clothes, Rajo admitted that he loved the experience despite the differences. "With dress design, you work around an existing form; basically a head, a body, two arms, and two legs. With interior design and furniture design, you work around the anti-thesis of this — how a piece would interact around a human form or need," he said.

Rajo also revealed that he felt fortunate to be asked to work with the Pacific Traders, a furniture company based in Cebu. "I love the freedom this gave me and the fact that I am working with one of the most established furniture companies in the Philippines. They have been doing this for 50 years and it was such a privilege and honour to learn from them. I am very appreciative of their patience and understanding."

Now, anyone can acquire Rajo's new collection by simply contacting Pacific Traders. The collection is made-to-order, so make sure you contact them through Instagram or send them an email at

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