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Advocacy Sustainable Beauty with Sara Black

Sustainable Beauty with Sara Black

Sustainable Beauty with Sara Black
By Philippine Tatler
May 04, 2019
Tatler Focus
What can we do to help the environment? Let Sara Black share some of her tips.

Everyone thinks that creating a sustainable future and helping the environment takes a lot of work, but it is really in the small daily decisions that we make that create the biggest impact. We sat down with sustainability advocate and noted photographer, Sara Black to get her thoughts on sustainable living:

Produced by: Charles Bautista, Isabel Francisco | Production Assistant: Elaine Nuestro | Filmed by: Kryss Rubio and Angela Arcega

CLEAN Reserve is a luxury fragrance brand advocating for sustainability. The Clean Beauty Collective is all about giving back. Their partnerships help improve the lives of the farmers and their communities who responsibly cultivate and harvest our sustainable ingredients with minimal impact on the planet for generations. A unique proposition of CLEAN Reserve is the layering of scents where combining the fragrances altogether creates a unique custom scent. Check out their pop-up store at Rustans from May 1-15, 2019.


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