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Advocacy Sustainable Beauty with Sara Black, Amina Aranaz-Alunan and Antoinette Taus

Sustainable Beauty with Sara Black, Amina Aranaz-Alunan and Antoinette Taus

Sustainable Beauty with Sara Black, Amina Aranaz-Alunan and Antoinette Taus
Sara Black, Amina Aranaz-Alunan, Antoinette Taus
By Philippine Tatler
August 12, 2019
Putting the planet and the people at the forefront, the luxury perfume brand Clean Reserve, goes by the words that best define them, just like our sustainable beauties Sara, Amina and Toni


Sara Black, the British-Filipina model-turned accomplished photographer, is a steadfast advocate for going green and living a healthy, well-rounded life. Simple nature-friendly  decisions in our daily lives, she believes, can affect the planet in the grand scheme of things.


In the world of fashion, Director of SoFA Design Institute and woman behind ARANAZ, Amina Aranaz-Alunan, is a trusted icon. A true advocate for local and native materials, she puts the FIlipino stamp in her products, believing in the level of quality and beauty they possess. With her practice of responsible and sustainable sourcing, eco-conscious consumers are given the opportunity to give back to the planet and the local manufacturers.


Award-winning actress, singer, host, humanitarian and climate warrior, Antoinette “Toni” Taus has taken a stand to use her voice for the greater good. Seeing trash piled up in the seas and being driven ashore, she took the lead to #BeatPlasticPollution and #SaveTheSeas through her non-profit organization CORA and social enterprise “The Sustainable Planet”.

Watch the video and find out more about their thoughts on being the best versions of themselves for Mother Earth and how they embody #SustainableBeauty in their lives:

Produced by Charles Bautista, Isabel Martel Francisco, and Shauna Jay Popple Williams; Production Assistants: Elaine Nuestro and Lucky Guerzon; Videography by Kryss Rubio, Angela Arcega, and Maureen Pacheco Gonzales

Just as committed as these empowered women are, the Clean Beauty Collective has been mindful of the planet, since they started back in 2003. Sourcing ingredients with eco-consciousness and compassion, the Clean Beauty Collective makes the simple, trusted and conscious choice every step of the way, to bring forth sustainable and delightful fragrances.

Watch the full videos here and get more information on the fragrances at


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