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Close Up 2020 Wrap-up: Tatler Friends On What They Are Most Grateful For This Year

2020 Wrap-up: Tatler Friends On What They Are Most Grateful For This Year

2020 Wrap-up: Tatler Friends On What They Are Most Grateful For This Year
By Anton San Diego
By Anton San Diego
December 29, 2020
We all know that 2020 was difficult but by focusing on the positive things, we can be hopeful

Pia Wurtzbach

Wurtzbach is a crowned beauty queen, fashion model, actress, and a staunch advocate of many causes

Health, both physical and mental, is the thing I am most grateful for this year. I’ve been investing a lot in both to help me, my loved ones and fans deal with the challenges of Covid. Keeping active every day has been a vital part of dealing with the difficulties of lockdown; talking about the challenges that I or the people around me are facing has been a blessing for me. I’ve been an advocate of exercise and a balanced, healthy life for a long time and it’s during hard times like now that I am most grateful for the benefits these bring.

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Bea Zobel de Ayala Jnr

Spanish photographer Fernando Manso and Bea Zobel Jnr at the opening of the Zobel: contrapuntos exhibition in Venice | From Tatler Philippines August 2017 issue
Spanish photographer Fernando Manso and Bea Zobel Jnr at the opening of the Zobel: contrapuntos exhibition in Venice | From Tatler Philippines August 2017 issue

Zobel de Ayala is a philanthropist and social entrepreneur who with daughter, Paloma, oversee the developments made in Kalye Artisano village in Lio estate, El Nido, Palawan

This year was tormented by hardships and difficult lessons. I am, however, humbled and grateful to have been able to help many communities that reached out to. In these extremely trying times, I feel very blessed because of the good health of my family. Although I did lose some people close to me to the virus, I was also gifted with the birth of my first grandson. I am grateful for every day that I have on this earth and I hope 2021 brings everyone the good fortune, health and happiness they deserve.

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Jonathan Matti

Matti is a lauded interior designer, owner of Jonathan G. Matti Design Associates, and recently made history by collaborating with esteemed wallpaper company de Gournay

There are so many blessings that come from being grateful. Despite the pandemic and fear instilled in all of us in 2020, there is so much to be thankful and grateful for, like family and friends who stood by me during my Covid episode. All the prayers, good wishes and inspirational messages got me through the ordeal. God saved me and took me out of danger and blessed me with comfort and ease during the whole experience.

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Sofia Elizalde

PHOTO: Patrick Diokno for Tatler Philippines February 2020 issue
PHOTO: Patrick Diokno for Tatler Philippines February 2020 issue

Elizalde is a former ballerina, founder of Steps Dance Studio, and managing director of Steps Scholarship Foundation that helps young kids to pursue their passion and talent for dance

I am so grateful to wake up every morning to a new day, to have good health and to be able to breathe. I am grateful for family and the people that work with us day after day, making our world a better place. I’m grateful for life and the small things that go unnoticed when we are busy. I am grateful for the small blessings that come to us each day.

And a special shout out to all the health workers all over the world who risk their lives day after day to keep us safe.

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Alice Eduardo

Eduardo is the president and CEO of Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation, and a staunch supporter of numerous advocacies

In 2020 I’m thankful for all the people who continue to perform their roles for the greater welfare of all (from health workers to supermarket cashiers to delivery riders), for the “forced” opportunity to slow down and reboot in order to go back to what really matters. Grateful that my team can also continue to work and deliver services under the New Normal and do our share for the economy.

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Inno Sotto

Sotto is an award-winning fashion designer, dubbed as the "Prince of Philippine Fashion", and has been in the industry for over three decades

I am a Roman Catholic. I am and have always been grateful for my faith in God. It is what holds me together in this most trying of times ... there is a divine plan ... and it is my faith that trusts in the hand of God in everything in 2020 and beyond.

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Ben Chan

Retail magnate and one of the country's leading entrepreneurs, Chan is the founder of Bench and Bench Café and chairperson of Ternocon, one of Cultural Centre and the Philippines' annual cultural event

I am grateful to be alive! Like a lot of entrepreneurs, I have lost a lot. But economies always bounce back, and businesses can always recover. I am grateful that I am well enough to steer my company into the new world. More importantly, I take with me all the lessons learnt through this long pause: the importance of personal wellness, our purpose in society, and the power of solidarity in working for the betterment of humanity.

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Matteo Guidicelli

Model-actor-singer-athlete Guidicelli is a former kart racer whose awards catapulted him to international fame. He is just recently became a reservist in the Philippine Army as a 2nd Lieutenant and continues to manage his restaurant Da Gianni Cucina Italiana

2020 started great! I married the love of my life and started a brand-new chapter, but the pandemic happened one week after our wedding day.

A lot of ups and downs for all of us, especially in these trying times. A lot of realisations. We are all the same at the end of the day and all we need is to be a source of love and hope for one another. Appreciation for the little things that we never really paid attention to, too many to count.

I’m extremely grateful for life, most importantly family and what God has put in front of us. Yes, it is challenging but I believe we must hold on, adapt, learn from all this and emerge a better person.

Stay positive and safe everyone!

Sen. Grace Poe

Poe is the daughter of National Artist Fernando Poe Jr. and veteran actress Susan Roces and is the former chairperson of Movie and Television Review and Classification Board. She is a businesswoman and educator, who is currently serving her second term as a senator. 

I’m grateful to have been able to experience, firsthand, kindness and community. I witnessed Filipinos ready to help their neighbours in need. I saw the private sector donating anything and everything needed to help frontliners, hospitals and poor families. I joined my family, especially my son, Brian, in working with my staff and volunteers, as we shifted gears to outreach mode—planning, repacking and distributing. At home, I rediscovered preparing family dinner, and I’m grateful to see, every evening, my husband and children looking forward to family time around the dinner table.

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Fred Ayala

PHOTO: Ayala Corporation
PHOTO: Ayala Corporation

Ayala is the founder and chairman of APEC Schools 

2020 gave us no choice but to figure out how to make the most of our challenges, how to always look at the bright side, how to help each other overcome ... Here’s to this mindshift becoming a permanent one for us all.

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