Tatler Takes Five: Manolo Chrétien

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April 5, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

French artist and photographer shares with us his sources of inspiration


The French artist nd photographer shares his passion for aviation with Nose Art, an exhibition at the MB&F MAD Gallery in Geneva this month. He reveals five of his sources of inspiration and creative aids

 Vintage planes

Vintage Planes.jpg

I am totally obsessed with riveted aluminium plane details like fuselages and wings. My favourite piece from the exhibition is the Swiss Star, taken from a plane called the Lockheed Constellation, shot in what I would consider perfect conditions, with its full aluminium- riveted and hail-battered  body bearing red TWA logos and reflecting the sand and the sky. 

Sketchboook and a small camera


These are two objects I always have with me, the sketchbook to draw whatever comes to mind, and the camera to capture what my eyes see.

My simple orange Caran d’ache pencils

They’re handy and easy to draw with. 

My wife, Céline


She’s my life, my art, my heart, my soul; she supports me in every sense of the term.

The boneyard in Tucson, Arizona


Like no other place in the world, it’s a gold mine for aviation buffs. Any plane you can think of is represented there, even those you thought didn’t exist anymore.

This article was originally published in the March 2017 Issue of Philippine Tatler.