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Close Up Tatler Talks Recap: Pia Wurtzbach, Jeremy Jauncey, And Nigel Barker On Love, Beauty, Photography, and Travel

Tatler Talks Recap: Pia Wurtzbach, Jeremy Jauncey, And Nigel Barker On Love, Beauty, Photography, and Travel

Tatler Talks Recap: Pia Wurtzbach, Jeremy Jauncey, And Nigel Barker On Love, Beauty, Photography, and Travel
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
June 08, 2020
Tatler Philippines hosted its second ever Tatler Talks last 5 June 2020. Our editor-in-chief, Anton San Diego, spoke to Nigel Barker, Pia Wurtzbach, and Jeremy Jauncey, about the cover photos that everyone's been talking about.

Four people, three different timezones, one very entertaining Facebook Live discussion: so marks the twelfth Friday of Manila under quarantine. Unlike most weekends under lockdown, the fifth of June was something to get excited about. It was going to be the first live interview done by Pia Wurtzbach and Jeremy Jauncey concerning the status of their relationship, which, as you might have heard, is exclusive. 

The hottest pair in the universe, along with friend and photographer Nigel Barker, spoke to our Editor-in-Chief, Anton San Diego, on matters of the heart, alongside other topics that included fitness routines, the future of travel, and beauty pageants. 

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Behind the scenes of our June 2020 cover shoot.
Behind the scenes of our June 2020 cover shoot.

Of course, the night started off with Anton asking the most talked about questions. How did you meet? What do you like about each other? Pia and Jeremy appeared very smitten on-camera — their wide smiles a telling tale of butterflies in their stomachs, despite being thousands of miles away.

Despite the fact that the last time they’d seen each other was in February, there was an obvious spark between the both of them. They revealed that they talk to each other multiple times a day, despite their physical separation (Pia in Manila, Jeremy in New York) and advised couples in a long distance relationship to do the same. “We really invested in communication,” Jeremy revealed. Pia nods and shares her advice: “Talk [to each other] about the real things because it’s important to be honest [with each other] and check up on each other.” 

They also talked about a few nuances in their relationship. For one, they have adorable pet names for each other. Second, their first kiss took place in Hong Kong. The jet setting couple who first met in Compton Garden in London, have since travelled to Indonesia and New York together. 

Anton then brings in his old friend, Nigel Barker, into the discussion. For those who don’t know, Nigel has been shooting for Tatler Philippines for over a decade. He’s shot Tory Burch, Heart Evangelista, and a few other major celebrities for the covers of our magazine. Unsurprisingly, it was also Nigel who proposed shooting the new couple for the Tatler Philippines June 2020 Cover. “[I told Jeremy] if you [guys want to] come public [with your relationship],  [let’s] do [it] properly. [Then], I called Anton and told him I might have a scoop.” 

Scroll through Nigel's cover shoots in the past years here:


The June 2020 cover, which has since gone viral online, is the first with both Pia and Jeremy on the cover. However, they both have had individual covers on our magazines in years past — Pia when she won Miss Universe, and Jeremy as the CEO of multi-awarded platform Beautiful Destinations. 

The entire Facebook Live, which lasted a little over an hour, was just four friends talking and catching up. Nigel discussed tips on how to become a pro photographer. He even revealed a little about his upcoming project in Michigan, as well as the most interesting concept he’d been invited to take part in during quarantine (he was asked to art direct a shoot from his home!). A true Englishman, he also talked about his penchant for cocktails. “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!” he quipped. 

Pia, confidently beautiful and always with a heart, also discussed her various advocacies. Her online  initiatives have allowed her to donate about 44,000 masks to over seven hospitals in the Metro. As such, the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) has tapped her to help them push their eco-friendly causes as well. 


Jeremy on the other hand talked about his quirky habits (and inside jokes), most notably his “penchant for powder-blue terry-cloth onesies (as worn by Sean Connery in the James Bond movie Goldfinger)”. On a more serious note, he also discussed his predictions on the field of travel. “The reality is [that] right now, we should not be travelling. There’s definitely a responsibility on all of us to [keep safe].” However, he does end on a positive note, hinting at a future collaboration with the Department of Tourism after the coronavirus pandemic. 


To watch (or rewatch) the entire Facebook Live log on to our Facebook page or view the video above. Furthermore, don’t forget to download our magazine for free on Magzter. Those looking for a print copy can expect to find one in bookstores beginning the 15th of June! 


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