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Close Up Tatler Talks Recap: July 2020 Cover Star Bianca Araneta Elizalde On Motherhood, Modelling, and Living Wholesome

Tatler Talks Recap: July 2020 Cover Star Bianca Araneta Elizalde On Motherhood, Modelling, and Living Wholesome

Tatler Talks Recap: July 2020 Cover Star Bianca Araneta Elizalde On Motherhood, Modelling, and Living Wholesome
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
July 14, 2020
Tatler Philippines welcomes our July 2020 cover star, Bianca Araneta Elizalde on our second Tatler Talks Facebook Live

Tatler Philippines' July cover lady, Bianca Araneta Elizalde, recently joined Stephanie Zubiri on our second ever Tatler Talks—streamed live on Facebook, but now up and available on our YouTube channel. The '90s "It" girl, who began her career as a model and VJ is now a happy mother of four daughters, and wife to Juan Manuel Elizalde. Her cover story is an interesting one as it is Tatler Philippines' first cover shot under quarantine. Bianca's entire family pitched in to take her photos, where she looked naturally stunning amid the backdrop of her gorgeous home. Bianca had previously mentioned that her home is where she feels most comfortable—and judging from the relaxed way she smiles and poses on camera, it must be true. 



The second Tatler Talks was hosted by Tatler Homes Philippines' editor, Stephanie Zubiri. The two women spoke of many things, touching first upon Bianca's illustrious career in the '90s. In a throwback video montage, Bianca can be seen walking down the runway or hosting TV shows as a fresh-faced youth. The mother of four had also previously been on three Tatler Philippines covers. Years later, not much has changed. She still looks as fresh as she did back then. She does mention though that she had almost forgotten that part of her life. "You know honestly, that really feels like a different life," she'd said. She reveals that she had decided to take a step back from the limelight when she got pregnant with her first child, who is now fourteen going on fifteen. 

"When I was pregnant with my [first] daughter, I really got into organic living," she says, steering the conversation toward her present endeavours, where she and her husband work as restauranteurs. The couple are the founders of The Wholesome Table, which now has five branches all around the Metro. Bianca mentions that when she and her family travel, they usually eat at restaurants like the one they've opened—so it was a nice opportunity to have brought that kind of menu to Manila, which has a growing interesting in healthy living and eating. 

"There is no way that I would start a business, or start anything if it didn't align with my philosophy," Bianca says. As a mother and wife, she advocates clean eating and healthy living, comparing it to her own childhood when she had less knowledge about all these sorts of things. She also mentions that it's a misconception when people think she's too strict with her diet. "I just avoid eating mammals," she says, but admits to eating seafood and chicken. Her children too are not deprived of treats, on occasion. They're allowed to eat cake and cotton candy and all that, just not too often. 


As with our previous Tatler Talks, Bianca goes on to answer a few questions from the audience. In it, she confirms that the demand for healthy food is increasing and clarifies a few misconceptions on nutrition. She shares her philosophy on eating which is to focus on the quality of calories, not the amount, and not depriving oneself of your sinful delights. "I'd rather eat 5,000 calories of good food then very few calories of bad food." She also shares a few insights on her current situation: homeschooling her three-year-old, meditating, and how she supports her four daughters. Bianca also ends her Tatler Talks on a positive note—saying that staying optimistic helps her achieve that gorgeous glow she's so famous for (both in the '90s and now!). 

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