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Close Up Tatler Talks Recap: Environmental Advocates Test Clean Reserve Fragrances

Tatler Talks Recap: Environmental Advocates Test Clean Reserve Fragrances

Tatler Talks Recap: Environmental Advocates Test Clean Reserve Fragrances
Photo: Unsplash
By Christine Andas
By Christine Andas
December 11, 2020
Joanna Preysler-Francisco, Hindy Weber, Amina Aranaz Alunan, and Marco Lobregat shared their thoughts on Clean Reserve's new sustainable and cruelty-free fragrances in this episode of Tatler Talks

Hosted by Nicole Andersson, this special edition of Tatler talks, "Say It With Perfume", featured Clean Reserve's sustainable and cruelty-free perfumes! What better way to test these fragrances than inviting environmental advocates such as Joanna Preysler-Francisco, Hindy Weber, Amina Aranaz Alunan, and Marco Lobregat.

But apart from the special guests' varying opinions on Clean Reserve's new fragrance collection, they also shared their stories of sustainability — making this edition of Tatler Talks absolutely engaging and inspiring.

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When asked if they associate certain scents with memorable people, most of them agreed and shared stories including Marco Lobregat who said he associates a memorable scent with a person. Hindy Weber also shared how she keeps a 20-year-old perfume bottle which had a scent that reminds her of her husband. Amina Aranaz Alunan shared a funny story about how she thought her father was around after taking a whiff of a familiar scent of perfume. Joanna Preysler-Francisco, who is very particular with scents, promises that she will step out of her comfort zone and will have her husband try a different fragrance.

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During the event, an informative video was shown to exhibit the environmental efforts that Clean Reserve had done to achieve sustainability. This includes working with eco-certified farms, implementing harvesting practices while protecting the planet, as well as funding foundations, partnering with women of nomadic tribes, and building schools to provide education for farmers. The ingredients selected also are made sure to be made in fragrance houses that ensure eco-friendly effects.

Hindy also suggests a change in lifestyle for the sake of everyone, since some paint, laundry products, and even perfumes harm the environment and our health as they are carcinogenic.

Photo: Clean Reserve /
Photo: Clean Reserve /

Everyone enjoyed testing the fragrances from Clean Reserve, from warm cotton to citron fig. At the end of each testing, either the guests had found a new favourite or were convinced to try a new scent to wear. Like Amina who has been using Clean Reserve before and found a new favourite in Radiant Nectar.

Throughout the whimsical and fun episode, some have shared interesting facts about themselves much like Joanna who preferred more masculine scents as it has "more body, a little more sophistication."

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Marco also noticed how Smoked Vetiver reacts differently. "It smells like freshly-cut grass. [It] smells really clean, and that's what it smells [in] the bottle, " Marco said. "But when I put it on me, it becomes really sweet." Interestingly, this happens because fragrances react differently "as we all have different body chemistries," Nicole shared.

This edition of Tatler Talks in partnership with Clean Reserve was a success. Not only because we've discovered an exquisite perfume to add to our collection, but because having a product that encourages sustainability on the market is a win for all — especially the planet.


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