Tatler Tips: Aeroplane Etiquette

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April 20, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

Do not be the traveller that everybody hates.

Excited, nervous, stressed, exhausted: some of the many feelings that travellers experience while in-transit. 

Travelling, seeing the world, is absolutely incredible. It is a privilege that people should take advantage of whenever they can.  However, aeroplanes and airports are already quite stressful just as they are -- increasingly so with all these modern day issues. 

After a harrowing experience with airport security checks, winding customs lines, heavy baggage, and crowds of irritated people, we can only hope to be able to rest in the lounge, waiting area or in the aircraft.

Here are a few things that you must NEVER do when on the aeroplane or at the airport.


Speak Loudly

flying-people-sitting-public-transportation.jpgThis is disruptive, irritating and inconsiderate. Indoor voices please! When you are sitting in the airport lounge, or in a common waiting area, be sure to remain respectful of those around you. Do not answer calls and speak frenetically, staying on to chat for extended periods of time. Remember to never talk accross other people. If you are not seated beside your travel companions, that does not give oyu the right to interrupt everyone else's experience by having a cross cabin chat. 

Volume up, earphones out

pexels-photo-4.jpgThis is not your private jet. Do not play music, watch movies or sports without using your earphones.

Put your feet up

pexels-photo-38973.jpegDo not put your feet up on other people’s chairs. Your shoes and feet are probably not one of the items that the next passenger wants in their space. 

Take up too much space

aircraft-manchester-jet-fly.jpgIf you are sitting beside someone in the aircraft or at the airport, be mindful of your space. Do not pour all of your things out onto your shared side-table space, for example. 

Make a mess

people-sign-traveling-blur.jpgDo not make a mess. Do not leave your used tissues (especially if you are ill), food wrappers, scraps and trash laying around, it will absolutely bother fellow passengers.

Kick the chair

pexels-photo-195477.jpegDo not pull, push or kick the chair in front of you in the aircraft. Everyone is trying to get some rest before reaching their final destination. Lay back, chill out and don’t make a fuss.

Be a zoned out parent

pexels-photo-6.jpgWe all sympathize, and realize that travelling with young children is a huge task to take on, but… you chose to do so. Please mind your children and ensure that they are calm and quiet. Do not allow your children to run through the isles of the plane or to make a ruckus around the airport.

Be super underdressed

pexels-photo-5.jpgYes, you should be comfortable but do not look like a slob. Avoid looking like you just came from the gym or the beach. 

Be chatty

plane.jpgDo not insist on talking to other passengers if they do not welcome the conversation. More often than not, people just want to rest, and keep to themselves during a flight.