Tatler Tips: What To Do When You Forget Someone’s Name


September 4, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

And you are...?

There will come a time when you run into someone and realize that you have no idea who he or she is. More often than not, during a quick encounter, in the mall or on the road side, you can say hello and goodbye without this becoming an issue. However, if you are caught in a party and find yourself needing to know this person’s name – sometimes making small talk until you can excuse yourself, just won’t cut it.


pexels-photo-5.jpgIntroduce your acquaintance to a friend so that they will have to introduce themselves to one another, or ask a friend if he or she knows this person's name. 


pexels-photo-196652.jpegAsk if they have any nicknames. This way, you can deduce what their full name is (depending on how unique their nickname is, of course.)


pexels-photo-325521.jpegTake a photo together and ask him or her how to spell their name properly, seeing that there are so many variations in spelling these days. This is a very sly way of getting a name right; as a plus you will also come across as seeming considerate as you wanted to make sure their name was correctly written.   


pexels-photo-128193.jpegAsk “when is the last time we spoke or when is the last time we saw each other?” This should help to jog your memory and hopefully place where you last met this person.

Clean getaway

pexels-photo-450512.jpeg If you are good at making small talk then chit chat your way into an acceptable moment to excuse yourself from the conversation.

Be honest

pexels-photo-509780.jpegIf you have no time for games, be honest and ask him or her to remind you of their name.


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