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Fashion10 Gifts That Will Make The Woman In Your Life Feel Extra Special This Valentine's Season

10 Gifts That Will Make The Woman In Your Life Feel Extra Special This Valentine's Season

10 Gifts That Will Make The Woman In Your Life Feel Extra Special This Valentine's Season
By Dorynna Untivero
February 13, 2019

As February 14 grows near, flower shops get busy, restaurants prepare to welcome eager diners, and the excitement is palpable in the air. If you're one to celebrate this season of love, it's a great opportunity to spoil and pamper your loved one. We've come up with a list of items that will surely wow that special lady in your life — whether it's your mom, your SO, sibling, or close friend — there's a lot to choose from here. We don't need to give gifts to show how much we love someone, but it definitely doesn't hurt to bring a smile to her face while reminding her that she is remembered and well-treasured. Browse through our list below for ten gift ideas this Valentine's season:

1/10For the woman who loves to cook

Cravings: Hungry for More takes one further into Chrissy’s kitchen... and life. This interesting and quirky cookbook is a must-have for anyone looking to try our hearty recipes by social media star and model, Chrissy Teigen. From her blueberry pie recipe, banana bread, to something more creative like the Pad Thai Carbonara — this book is not one for the faint of heart! A fun and adventurous guide, Hungry for More is a cookbook-cum-memoir which holds a handful of life lessons alongside excellent homecooking tips!

2/10If she's into health and fitness


A beautifully-designed yoga mat is definitely a thoughtful gift for the fit woman! Although designed primarily for yoga, this mat can multi-task when you need floor support during strength training or various calisthenic exercises. We recommend this Yeti Yoga mat that doesn't only feature a quirky pattern but is also non-slip, eco-friendly, and non-tear. Throw in a micro-fibre towel or matching water jug for a complete workout package! 

3/10Something simple yet timeless

From Jewelmer’s Petits Coeurs Collection
From Jewelmer’s Petits Coeurs Collection

Pearls — exquisite in its beauty, rich in its history. For a storied and beautiful gift, pearl jewellery is the way to go. We recommend Jewelmer's Petits Coeurs Collection. Designed with romance and Valentine's in mind, this line incorporates elegant heart details with the brand's signature pearls. If you're into sustainability, it might entice you to know that Jewelmer has a long-standing advocacy for enviromentalism and protecting the Philippine seas. 

4/10Something comfy for the adventurous style maven

This 90's retro running sneaker by Adidas is the it-shoe of the moment! A stylish yet comfortable sneaker, the Falcon will surely amp up any simple casual-day ensemble. Cushioned with a lightweight sole and lined with breathable mesh, it's perfect for walking around the city or facing a busy day of errands. 

5/10For the beauty guru

Eye cream
Eye cream

If your lady is someone who is really into skincare, then this line from La Mer will surely be well-apreciated. Known as one of the best-performing and luxurious beauty brands, La Mer products have a good standing within the beauty community. This Genaissance de La Mer line boasts their signature "miracle broth", which keeps skin young and soft. This will surely show that you're thoughtful and you put in the effort to look for a fitting gift. 

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6/10Something to go with all her outfits

A scarf is an easy go-to gift because of its versatility. We recommend the Les Nouveaux Amoureux de Paris scarf from Hermès — 100% silk and easily complements any outfit. It can be worn many ways - around the neck, as a top, at the waist or as a headscarf. Designed by Maurice Tranchant in the 1950s, this scarf features couples silhouette against a map of the City of Light. Perfect for this Valentine's season!

7/10If you're looking for an investment piece


If you have the budget and the mind to get something really exquitise this Valentine's season, the iconic Twenty~4 Patek Philippe will surely wow the woman in your life. Featuring a long history of craftsmanship and design, this watch is perfect for any type of lady. First launched in 1999, the Twenty~4’s exquisite design gained immediate popularity. Designed to be worn from day to night, the watch employs a quartz movement and comes in stainless steel and gold versions.

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8/10Something she can use everyday

Bulgari Serpenti Forever Wallet | emerald green x amethyst purple calf leather


A wallet is a great gift for someone close to your heart. Since you use it everyday, it can be considered as an investment; make sure you get something of quality build. We recommend the signature Bulgari Serpenti wallet — simple yet beautifully designed. The classic serpent head by the opening is gold-plated, which gives it a more luxurious feel. 

9/10For the love-skeptic bookworm

If you have a lady friend who seems to be unconvinced by romance and the Valentine's season, she might appreciate this book of poetry by world-renowned writer, Charles Bukowski. Filled with ruminations on the nature of relationships and passion, this book is a fun read for those who don't mind heart-wrenching narratives. We recommend giving this gift over a glass of wine or whisky! 

10/10For the pet lover

If the special woman in your life has an equally special furry friend, this luxurious Tiffany & Co. collar will surely warm the heart! Throw in a personalised charm to make it a more thoughtful gift. Can you say, adorable?



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