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Debonair Crazy, Stupid, Love, John Wick, American Psycho, and More: How To Recreate Iconic Bachelor Pads From Hollywood Cinema

Crazy, Stupid, Love, John Wick, American Psycho, and More: How To Recreate Iconic Bachelor Pads From Hollywood Cinema

Crazy, Stupid, Love, John Wick, American Psycho, and More: How To Recreate Iconic Bachelor Pads From Hollywood Cinema
By Franz Sorilla IV
By Franz Sorilla IV
May 26, 2020
We revisit some of Hollywood's most memorable bachelor pads and round up some home essentials for the Tatler Man


This list couldn't begin without the quintessential bachelor pad that started it all. C.C. "Bud" Baxter's apartment in New York is witness to the extramarital engagements of his colleagues that earned him a mistaken playboy reputation among his neighbours⁠—until he met the charming elevator girl.

Kartell Bourgie lamp
Kartell Bourgie lamp

Alexandre Trauner, art director of this critically-acclaimed Billy Wilder rom-com classic, designed the set of Bud's crib to appear smaller and shabbier than the usual spacious apartments portrayed in films of that era. Mostly using items from thrift stores, the apartment evokes a vintage look that is commonly seen now in popular gentlemen's clubs. Try looking for vintage artworks with gilded frames as well as sculptures and vases to fill in your space; you may also consider purchasing this sleek Bourgie lamp from the '60s design icon brand Kartell.

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This action-packed Hollywood franchise is topbilled by Keanu Reeves whose character lives in a remote yet architecturally stunning house in New York. John Wick is not only remembered as a deadly assassin ready to mess things with but also for his penchant for vintage cars, terrific motorcycles, and Daisy—yes, the puppy.

Miele's KMDA TwoInOne induction hob
Miele's KMDA TwoInOne induction hob

His house evokes modern and clean interior design, with floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook a lake. Its interior is immaculate with earth toned and white hued furniture accentuated by yellows and blues. To imitate this design, here is Miele's KMDA TwoInOne induction hob with integrated extractor that gives extra convenience to any cooking experience.

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Broadway composer and playboy Brad Allen, played by Rock Hudson, lives in a swanky New York apartment that is filled with covetable items for the middle-aged American bachelor. An example of this is his custom-made "switches" located on his sofa that operate close to everything in the apartment—because who likes to be interrupted in the middle of intimate action just to turn off the lights?

Although it would be difficult for us to have something close to Brad's switches, his floating bookshelf is an easy thing to acquire. For a stylishly modern take of that, Dante Bonucelli has designed a living room system with minimalist, modular furniture called Pass-Word for Molteni&C.

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4/10 DR. NO

In the novels, Ian Fleming has described James Bond's London flat as a small two-bedroom just off King's Road in Chelsea; notably, it doesn't have a television. Contrary to his character's affinity for technologically advanced gadgets, his lair is more traditionalist and far from outlandish. This was best captured in the first film of the gigantic film franchise, Dr. No.

Bond may not be much of an office guy but every man needs a work desk at home. Here's Robert Lazzeroni's bean desk that takes inspiration from the 18th century.

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Designer Jeanne Develle and production designer Gideon Ponte helmed the creation of Patrick Bateman's apartment in the chilling thriller film American Psycho by Mary Harron. The use of whitewashed walls and furniture is uncommon in films because it's usually too jarring to the eyes (as it captures light more than usual). Usually, designers tone their white-based palettes a little for the convenience of cinematographers and audiences alike. But in American Psycho, the design was deliberate and the furniture purposefully selected to encapsulate the character's traits and mysterious enigma.

In Patrick Bateman's living room, we see monochromatic Barcelona chairs. This type of chair is an icon of the modern movement and simply elegant. When it was first designed by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the Spanish royalty at the 1929 Barcelona exposition, it sparked debates as to how a chair without arms could be fit for royalty. But being one of the pioneers of the Bauhaus movement, Mies argued that "less is more". Check out Knoll's Barcelona Chair, available in volo, acqua, and sabrina leather upholsteries and in various matte colours.

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Billionaire real estate developer George Wade's life drastically changed in two weeks upon meeting Lucy Kelson in this 2002 rom-com film by Marc Lawrence. One of its striking scenes is pictured above: where Lucy had to rush to George's apartment because he's too confused to choose an outfit from his elaborate wardrobe.

For the Tatler man who has invested in suits, shoes, ties, and whatnot, you need a classic yet modern modular wardrobe that could also be tweaked with smart technology like that of George Wade's. One company that could help you with this is Sangiacomo, founded in 1968 in Italy, that for several decades has been producing quality modular furniture with designs constantly adapting to contemporary trends.

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The 2011 remake of Steve Gordon's Arthur stars Russell Brand in the titular character who is an heir to his family's fortune but finds himself incompetent for the role. His excessive drinking and childish character are central to the plot and clearly evident in his lavish house supervised by his nanny Lillian Hobson (Helen Mirren).

Tempur-Pedic changed the bedding industry with the introduction of the world’s first infinitely-adaptable mattress more than 25 years ago. In Spring 2019, Tempur-Pedic fully released the TEMPUR-breeze mattress line.
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Arthur Bach's house is filled with technologically advanced furniture and childish eccentricities. His magnetic bed appears to be afloat; he also has a solar system lighting fixture as its canopy. To have something like that, it may cost you over a million US dollars, but nothing is better than a good night's sleep with a Tempur mattress. Wake up feeling more relaxed and refreshed than ever with any from its array of superior quality mattresses, ranging from soft to firmest feel. 

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8/10 BIG

Before there was Jennifer Garner in13 Going on 30, there was Tom Hanks in Big where the lead character Josh Baskin wished to be big and magically rushed into adulthood overnight. In his flophouse room in New York, we find lots of toys and recreational odds and ends that reflect Josh's job in a toy company (as well as his real age).

At the end of the day, boys will be boys, and even the most mature bachelor would find a difficult time letting go of the things that remind him his wonderful childhood. You may still reflect your playful personality in your pad with designer items and toy art collections. There are also furniture and lighting fixtures that are bright and colourful, not only having playful vibe in it but also the classic '80s aesthetic. Take for example this Poltrona Frau's DU 55 armchair in striking red leather.

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One of Hollywood's most recent films focuses on the contemporary bachelor is Crazy, Stupid, Love starring Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling. Here we delve into the details of the game of a typical playboy but also dealt with the dramas of marriage and family.

The beautiful house of Jacob Palmer in the film is known as the Skyline Residence in Hollywood Hills and was designed by Hagy Belzberg of Belzberg Architects in 2007. It is made of concrete, glass, marble, and wood and was quite an architectural feat considering the narrow lot it stands in. Its sleek, crisp clean, minimalism could very much use smart appliances that are modern and clean in look. Check out the latest Axor showers where you could choose optimal shower experiences of your liking with its world-class technology.

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In this neo-noir crime drama by Paul Schrader we meet the male escort Julian Kaye who gets framed for the murder of one of his clients whom he got involved with in a sado-masochistic affair.

Julian Kaye's affluent apartment in Westwood Village is modern in design that echoes the owner's materialistic and narcissistic characteristics. Achieve that mid-century modern style designed by George Gaines that uses marble, wood, and metal as core elements with appropriate furniture and fixtures. In the photo above is the Platium System of Gallotti & Radice, a table with 15mm modular glass top decorated by hand with an antique bronze/lead finish. It has a wooden base covered by 6mm glass and bright stainless steel bottom plate.

Available at Living Innovations




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