10 New High Top Shoes For The Modern Man


September 27, 2017 | BY Jessica Liew

Sporty-chic footwear that blurs the lines between formal and casual dresscodes.

rgb bally.jpg (original size)Giuseppe Zanotti novelty suede bootie

Instead of your run-of-the-mill sneakers, loafers and dress shoes, try something new instead. A change in footwear affects the way you move, carry yourself, and adds a whole lot of character to your overall look.

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For this season, trends infuse an athletic-cool aesthetic into a new range of high top shoes, boasting a lightweight and fuss-free attitude.

 Walk the extra mile (minus the legwork) with our pick of cool high tops, some of which you can pull off for sundown affairs.

 bally.jpg (original size)Bally
Leather and studs add a rock ‘n’ roll edge to this street-wise Stripe Hedern boots.

lanvin 04.jpg (original size)Lanvin
Made for movement, this pair of Diving sneakers features lightweight neoprene materials, a black calfskin leather, and a dazzling burst of contrasting yellow laces.

D& GCS1542AH115_89690_0.jpg (original size)Dolce & Gabbana
Dubbed the new sneakers, this leather number features a monochrome palette and high craftsmanship.

versace Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 12.05.02 PM copy.png (original size)Versace
A sporty formal workmanship that lets you pass this off, from excursions to casual city walks with its Greek key accents and contrasting materials. 

EG Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 3.38.50 PM copy.png (original size)Ermengildo Zegna
With smooth calfskin and a clean, triple stitch style, the Green Tiziano XXX high-top sneakers is a modern essential, complete with a minimalist beige colour scheme. 

fendi 7E10884SWF101V_01_BigSize.jpg (original size)Fendi
Inspired by the “Think Fendi” Fendi Vocabulary theme, this high top sneakers in black stretch yarn, neon yellow and a grooved orange rubber sole is a show-stopping statement on the road.

gz MNT_8777.jpg (original size)Giuseppe Zanotti
Built for warmth and comfort, this novelty bootie style sneakers stands out in the cold with its unique suede texture, leather laces and gold zip.

lv 1A3792-1600w.jpg (original size)Louis Vuitton
As per Louis Vuitton style, the classic Tattoo sneaker boot gets an upgrade in a Monogram cotton canvas customisation, with patchwork logo.

SL 11265067XT_14_f.jpg (original size)Saint Laurent
Put the shine in your shoes with this signature court classic of dark gold metallic. The leather structure keeps your feet snugly padded without compromising on boldness.

pedro PM1-95800019-cognac.jpg (original size)Pedro
Keep your masculine side intact with these sturdy military boots. Made from a burnished black leather and a jaggered sole you’ll want to keep stomping in.

Photos courtesy of respective fashion brands.

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