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Beauty 4 Easy DIY Hairstyles To Try Out This Summer: Curved Blowdry, 60s Wave

4 Easy DIY Hairstyles To Try Out This Summer: Curved Blowdry, 60s Wave

4 Easy DIY Hairstyles To Try Out This Summer: Curved Blowdry, 60s Wave
Photo: Unsplash
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
April 28, 2021
Suyen Salazar and TRESemmé team up to show us the best summer hairstyles for the season. The best part? It's all so easy to do by yourself at home!

Need a quick look for your upcoming Zoom meeting? With salon gorgeous hair that's easy to style, you can easily play with these quick hairstyles!

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1/4 The Curved Blowdry

This easy blowdry is a chic and simple way to style your hair. It's best for shoulder-length locks that you can easily use to frame your face. 

Start with a round brush and use it to comb up the underside of your hair. Then, use your blow dryer from the top to ensure that cute curl stays in place. Carefully repeat on all sides or partitions of your hair before brushing your front strands inwards to complete the look. 

2/4 Loose 60s Waves

For a cute retro look, try this vintage-inspired hairstyle. It's best for longer locks, though you'll also need a cloth headband to complete the style. 

Wear the headband first and allow the rest of your hair to gently cascade behind your back. Start from the middle half of your hair and pick a section to wrap around the curling iron. Repeat this process until you get all of those tresses looking nice and curly. Afterwards, comb through with a paddle brush to add volume and to achieve that easy, laidback look. 

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3/4 The Poised Ponytail

This is the perfect look for any girl boss. Using a curling iron, do quick, small curls on your hair and comb through to detangle. Then, using a brush, pull your hair back and tie it with a scrunchie or elastic. Feel free to leave a few baby hairs in the front for added face-framing and don't forget to gently pull apart at the base of the ponytail to add volume. 

4/4 The Textured Tousle

A casual hairstyle that can work at home or out and about! This is the textured tousle we all need to learn. 

Using a ponytail or a scrunchy, divide the top layer of your hair and tie it off. Then, using a curling iron, work the rest of the hair below the scrunchy. Once you're finished, release the rest of the hair (from the scrunchy) and curl this as well. This will give the look depth and beautiful layers. Once finished, simply tousle and comb through the strands with your fingers. 

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