9 Fragrances Fit For The Tropics


July 17, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

These scents are fresh, light and perfect for hot, humid, tropical climates.

There are so many gorgeous scents in the market today but not all are suitable for hot climates.

Living in the tropics means that its hot, humid and that it can be quite rainy too. Therefore, heavy scents with more oak, chocolate, musk and woody tones for example, are much more suited to cold climates. This is because those smells stronger and more over-powering so that they can cut through the cold and layers. Wearing these types of fragrances are too heavy and sticky for a sweaty summer day as they do not come across as light and fresh. 

These on the other hand, are some excellent choices: 

 Fleur de Portofino

tom-ford.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Tom Ford

Fleur de Portofino body spray by Tom Ford

This scent comes in a cologne but the body spray is perfect for tropical climates.

You will find the scent of white flowers from the acacia tree with citrus notes, violet leaf, jasmine and even honey. This will transport you to the Mediterranean in no time.

Magic, Liquid Diamonds 

rolf.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Sephora

Magic, Liquid Diamonds by Viktor and Rolf

Spray on this refreshing, light and airy concoction. Perfect for a summer or spring day! There are notes of pink pepper, jasmine, rose, patchouli.

Linen Rose

aerin.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Aerin

Linen Rose by Aerin

Think fresh sheets that you just want wait to dive into. This cologne is light and slightly floral, evoking fresh seaside vibes too.

Replica Beach Walk 

beach-walk.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Sephora

Replica Beach Walk by Maison Margiela

This is meant to evoke memories of long beautiful beach days. It is a smooth mixture of bergamot, coconut milk and a dash of sea salt.

Velvet Cypress 

dolce.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Dolce and Gabana

Velvet Cypress by Dolce and Gabana

Dolce’s fragrance is built with Cypress at heart with a citrus, cedar notes to evoke a gorgeous Italian, Mediterranean summer day.

Bronze Goddess 

estee-.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Estee Lauder

Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder

If you want to look and feel like a bronze goddess then this is the perfect thing for you. It is a carefully blended scent with hints of that quintessential sun tan smell and coconut oil. Be transported to a summer day at the beach or weekend by the pool. There is Bergamot, warm Amber, Tiare Flower, Mandarin, Vetiver, Lemon, Orange, Lavendar and Vanilla too! Warm flavours all around!

Lime Basil Mandarin


Photo: Courtesy of Jo Malone

Lime Basil Mandarin by Jo Malone

This is a classic that never goes out of style. Always a favourite! 

Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit 

kiehls.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Kiehls

Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit by Kiehls

This pick is great for people who crave a citrus scent. There are hints of ginger mixed with grapefruit and many floral notes too.

Pure Grace Summer Surf 


Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

Pure Grace Summer Surf by Philosophy

This scent is floral (gardenia) mixed with a sea breeze and light musky notes. You will feel like you are laying out on the sand -- thinking about summer all day long.  


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