9 Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists For #PhilTatlerBall2017


November 7, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Get in touch with any of these individuals to get the glam squad of your dreams.

The 16th Philippine Tatler Ball is nearer than you think! Get your game face on with these 9 incredible make-up artists and hair stylists who are sure to make you look your best.

They are quite in demand so be sure to book, if you have not already. Many of them are booked weeks or months in advance, for special occasions!

We know that putting on make-up and fixing your hair can be quite fun, or.... really intimidating. If you do not know your way around your palettes, bronzers, powders, highlighters, liners, primers, contour sticks, curlers, irons and so many other tools, seeking professional help is probably the best option.

Cats Del Rosario

cats-del-ro.jpgTrust this talented make-up artist and hairstylist to make your look on fleek. She worked in interior design before discovering the fulfilling art of beautifying her subjects. @drcats

Raymond Santiago

Raymond.jpgThis accomplished hairstylist has been entrusted with the care of some of the most famous manes in local showbiz. Unafraid to experiment, he is often the one behind his muses’ boldest ‘dos. @santiagoraymond

Robbie Pinera

robbie-.jpgTo hone his craft, Pinera enrolled in advanced courses in fashion capitals Tokyo, New York, and London. His canvasses are the faces of many famous personalities in the country. @robbiepinera

Jelly Eugenio

jelly.jpgJelly is the go-to make-up artist for numerous beauties in the Philippines. He enjoys working with all faces and is eager to let the creative juices flow.

Al De Leon

al-de-leon.jpgIn her 13 years in the industry, this senior affiliate artist for MAC Cosmetics has had access to many exciting opportunities, one of which was the Miss Universe pageant that was held in Manila.

Mong Amado

mong-amado.jpgHe was on vacation from his job as a cook on a cruise ship when he decided to do hairdressing work to make an extra back. Now, he is one of the most sought-after hairstylists in the industry.

Albert Kurniawan

Get dolled up with this in demand make-up artist. No look is out of reach with his brushes in hand.

Lala Flores

This make-up artist can make you look flawless and photo-shoot ready. Get your dream face on with Lala!

Fatima Rabago

fatima.jpgShe is a top model, an entrepreneur, a mum, and a skilled make-up artist too! This stunner is a Tatler Ball regular herself.


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