A Manly Man’s Guide to Achieving Great Skin


June 16, 2017 | BY Sharmaine Uy

Listen up, fellas: a discerning man should get the care he deserves

A Manly Man's Guide to Achieving Great Skin

Listen up, fellas: a discerning man should get the care he deserves


In this day and age, living in the city can take a toll on anyone—even the manliest of men. The first visible sign of stress and exhaustion can manifest on the skin. As such, it pays to be mindful of skin health. Join us as we walk you through stepping up your skin game to achieve the level of care you’ve always wanted for yourself. And what better way to do this than going back to nature?

The cédrat, in particular, has proven to be some kind of a wonder fruit. Specifically, the cédrat extract is rich in vitamins, and is endlessly energising and moisturising. These qualities make the fruit especially useful when applied into skin products, particularly as an eye gel.


The Cédrat Energizing Eye Gel tackles the problem of puffy eyes or eye bags in three steps. First, the gel fights visible signs of fatigue by toning the skin and reducing puffiness. Then, it revitalizes the skin around the eyes. Finally, the roll-on tip massages the gel into the skin, leaving a light, non-oily, and non-sticky feeling of freshness upon application.

To completely experience the revitalising and moisturising benefits of cédrat, you can try this regimen and see how it will change your life:


Start with the Pure Cleanser for multi-action deep wash. Its natural exfoliating particles intensely cleanses the skin, removes impurities and dead cells to immediately refine the skin’s texture, and neutralises shine to leave skin clean and soft.


For an extra burst of freshness, the Energizing Face Splash should do the trick. Specially formulated for men, this versatile face tonic helps envigorate and moisturise, mattify, and protect skin from excess sebum and damage.


Shaving can also be a chore, so for a more gratifying experience the Shaving Gel is here to help. Upon contact on skin, the gel transforms into a silky foam for a precise and comfortable shave. It protects the skin from the blade and helps reduce the sensation of irritation and tightness. If that’s not enough, the After Shave Cream Gel soothes the skin after shaving, further diminishes any feeling of tightness, and preps the face to protect it from external aggressors.

Tatler Tip: If you want a finishing touch to keep you vibrant and fresh all day,
spray on the Cédrat Eau de Toilette.

With that, nature has once again provided the answers to man’s most pressing (skin) issues.

The Cédrat collection is available in L’Occitane boutiques in Manila, Cebu, and Davao.