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Beauty Adore Yourself This 2019

Adore Yourself This 2019

Adore Yourself This 2019
By Philippine Tatler
January 08, 2019
Tatler Focus
New year, new you? Be a step closer with Adore Cosmetics

Self-care is a big movement these days—a much-needed contrast to the sorry state of current affairs. Now more than ever, people are inclined to take a break from the negativity and dissonance by focusing on pampering one’s self. As such, more and more products are putting an emphasis on self-care, reasoning that true beauty shines through only if wellness is achieved.

It’s even more evident when it comes to skincare. The amount of care you put into your face and body truly shows. So if you think you earned the right to reward yourself for just about anything—bagging that big promotion, closing an important deal, or even just getting through 2018 in one piece— you need to adore yourself. 

This is exactly the mindset that Adore Cosmetics wants you to embrace for the new year.

Hailing from the USA, Adore Cosmetics wants to shatter the idea of skincare as merely slathering creams on your skin, and instead nurture the habit of “adoring” yourself. As such, the brand harnesses the powers of precious ingredients, most notably, stem cells from a rare Swiss apple, to indulge and improve the skin. After all, plant stem cells are quite similar to human stem cells in terms of composition.

On the skin, stem cells account for as much as 7 per cent of total cells, and yet when they’re damaged by elements like pollution or just everyday abuse, they don’t get the chance to regenerate. This leads to all sorts of common skin issues like lack of vitality, lines, and discolourations.

Adore Icon Edition Beauty Drops Concentrate Night Treatment and Cellmax Elite Facial Serum
Adore Icon Edition Beauty Drops Concentrate Night Treatment and Cellmax Elite Facial Serum
Adore Nu Apple Peel Off Mask
Adore Nu Apple Peel Off Mask

As it happens, Adore Cosmetics offers product lines that address a wide range of skin concerns. Examples are the Vitamin C set that targets discolourations, the Cellmax collection which packs on the collagen, and the Golden Touch line that lends a luminous glow and fights skin ageing.

Additionally, all these products aim to create a holistic treatment environment wherein you’re encouraged to mix and match items to arrive with your very own regimen. A favourite of users is the Adore Icon Edition Beauty Drops Concentrate Night Treatment, whose cocktail of vitamins, essential fatty acids, turmeric extract, evening primrose oil, organic ginseng root extract, organic ivy leaf extract, and organic aloe vera juice softens lines, whitens, brightens, and lifts skin, and replenishes moisture.

Adore Botanicals' men's line
Adore Botanicals' men's line

Because the men also deserve the same level care for their skin, Adore has a collection of products to repair their skin stem cells while protecting from further damage.

With the new year comes a novel way to pamper yourself.

Visit the Adore Botanicals boutique in Shangri-La Plaza to get started on the journey to adoring yourself.


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