An Alchemist's Approach To Beauty


October 5, 2017 | BY Dorynna Untivero

Take care of the skin you're in the right way, with natural bespoke products

The skin is the body's largest organ. As such, it is imperative we take good care of it through maintaining a regime that caters to it's specific needs. If you're looking for an alternative to your beauty creams and lotions, Boston-born brand Fresh brings you their bespoke skincare line that takes an alchemist's approach to beauty. Potent natural ingredients, time-honoured rituals and modern science combine to create products offering a sensorial experience and undeniable results. 

This brand is perfect for those who are looking for beauty products that don't feel too heavy or chemical-based. With their wide range of items, you can find a product that is fit for you. Make sure you take care of yourself from the inside out, beginning with your skin. 

Browse through the different items you can add to your skincare regime below:  

Facial Wash


Experience gentle skin cleansing with Fresh's Soy collection. The gel formulation is very soft to the touch and smells amazing -- somewhat like cucumber! This refreshing formula is a good pick for sensitive skin as it is created from natural ingredients that will surely be kind to any inflammation or abrasion that may be present on your skin. The multi-tasking formula also works to tone, soothe, and soften the skin for a radiant, healthy-looking complexion.



The eye area has the thinnest skin on the face which makes it a little bit more sensitive than the rest. The Lotus collection is made with calming cucumber extract, which is a hydrating and revitalizing treatment that alleviates the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, and signs of fatigue. So whether you're recovering from a night-out or simply keeping up with your anti-ageing routine, these eye products might be right up your alley!

 Masks & Treatments


Fresh Cosmetics offers a really wide range of face masks that cater to the skin's personalised needs. The products range from vitamin-boosting creams, moisturising, brightening, all the way to tightetning and purifying. Find a treatment that is perfect for what your skin needs. Don't skimp on masks to revitalise and maintain effortless youthful skin!

TATLER TIP: Drop by their website's Mask Finder to know what formulation will work best for you.



For that extra step, indulge in serums and face oils that will ensure your skin is in its most tip-top shape.  Make sure that your skin locks in the moisture with these items from Fresh.  



Don't forget to exfoliate! To achieve supple and healthy skin, it is also important to scrub away  dead skin cells.  This Cocoa Body Exfoliant is a wonferul option for those who enjoy body scrubs. The cocoa bean has been revered for centuries, as cocoa butter is known for its nourishing properties, and cocoa extract is said to have a pleasure-inducing effect. Thus, this scrub not only makes your skin look amazing, it smells really good too!

Lip Treatments


Whether or not you're a fan of lipsticks, its imporant not to neglect lipcare. Invest in a good all-natural lipscrub to make sure that your lips don't chap or dry-up. Fresh Cosmetics' line of nourshing lip treatments will prove to be a notch above the rest.

TATLER TIP: The Sugar Advanced Therapy is a good base before applying any lipstick of your choice!

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