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Fashion Crash Landing On You, The King, Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, And More: Here's Another Look At TV’s Most Fashionable Characters

Crash Landing On You, The King, Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, And More: Here's Another Look At TV’s Most Fashionable Characters

Crash Landing On You, The King, Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, And More: Here's Another Look At TV’s Most Fashionable Characters
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
May 21, 2020
Miss getting dressed up for the day? So do we. We’re taking cues from some of our favourite (fashionable) characters from on screen to help with our first OOTD out of quarantine.

Seo Dan | Crash Landing On You

Played by Seo Ji-hye

If you haven’t watched Crash Landing On You yet, do it now. While the show’s plot mainly revolves around the love story between protagonists Se-ri and Captain Ri, the Netflix Original K-drama adds depth to its narrative through pivotal (although secondary) characters like Seo Dan. 

Her style is clean-cut, but far from minimalist. Although her wardrobe consists mostly of streamlined trench coats in various hues and patterns, she’s not afraid to play with splashes of colour either. And who could forget that beautiful ruffled white skirt she wore to brunch with her friends? Not to mention the floral trench coat she wore to the airport in Pyongyang the first time we met her. Her elegant barrettes and handbags perfectly complement every outfit she’s put on the whole 16 episodes. 

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Fran Fine | The Nanny

Played by Fran Deschner

Although The Nanny was a show in the 90’s, its fashion was way ahead of its time. Fran’s outfits, while loud, are always beautifully tailored to show off her amazing figure. She’s one of the few people on earth who could possibly rock green stripes, rainbow polka dots, and neon coloured suits. Her usual go-to outfit of crop tops and miniskirts make a great style inspiration for those looking to amp up the usual combination. 

Roger Sterling | Mad Men

Played by John Slattery

Magazines have long held Mad Men characters up high on a fashion pedestal. And we get it — we ourselves have paid tribute to Betty and Don Draper. Their vintage outfits come in clean, crisp silhouettes that make them both look respectable and in-vogue. Today, we look at another character on the beloved period drama. 

Roger Sterling can always be found in a beautifully tailored suit. Its colours are muted and elegant, ranging from navy to grey and black pinstripe. His ties and breast pocket handkerchiefs are always styled perfectly; he’s definitely the type of man who knows how to do a Windsor and perhaps, an Eldredge knot. His style is effortless, modest, and highly sophisticated — something every debonair aims to be. 

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Sharon Morris | Catastrophe

Played by Sharon Horgan

We have to applaud Sharon Morris for being able to pull off multiple patterns in one outfit. Her clothes are always fun and colourful and she’s never one to shy away from animal print or patterned tights. Though her style may not be for everyone (especially those looking for a more minimal look), it’s always a good thing when you (or your stylist) know how to layer patterns without making it look too gaudy. 

Lee Gon | The King: Eternal Monarch

Played by Lee Min-ho

K-drama fans know that Korean men have great sense of style and as an emperor, Lee Gon from The King: Eternal Monarch is no exception. Looking resplendent amid a backdrop of warm autumn leaves, Lee Gon arrives in a double breasted suit styled with pristine white riding pants and boots. In more casual scenes, he dons an oversized denim jacket over an argyle sweater and brown slacks or sometimes appears in tailored trench coats in a monochrome palette.

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Wilhelmina Slater | Ugly Betty

Played by Vanessa L. Williams

As a former supermodel, Wilhelmina Slater is expected to have a great sense of style. Of course, she doesn’t disappoint. Her butter brown locks fall perfectly below her shoulders, complementing all the kinds of necklines we see her wear. She knows how to balance modesty with a little provocation, showing just the right amount of skin to make her outfits sexy yet work-appropriate. Her fitted dresses are elegantly coupled with a cinched high waist that gives her that enviable hourglass shape every woman yearns for. 

Ha-ri | She Was Pretty

Played by Goo Joon-hee

Although the titular character of She Was Pretty remains to be Hye-jin and not Ha-ri, Goo Joon-hee, with her long slender legs and edgy pixie cut manages to steal the show, at least style-wise. Her fashion choices always serve to complement her body: chokers and scarves adorn her elegant swan-like neck, miniskirts worn to emphasise her long legs, and sky-high heels add to her model-esque stature. 

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Will Smith | Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Played by Will Smith

Another style icon from the 90’s, Will Smith serves us fresh looks in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It isn’t surprising that much of his style then has become so in vogue today — from oversized shirts and jackets to patterned polos and colourful outerwear. Let’s not forget his iconic school blazer, either. It would be a disservice to discuss how fashionable Smith’s character in the sitcom is without paying a compliment to the swagger of his red, paisley jacket. 

POSE -- "Never Knew Love Like This Before" -- Season 2, Episode 4 (Airs Tues, July 9, 10:00 p.m. e/p) Pictured:  Billy Porter as Pray Tell. CR: Macall Polay/FX

Pray Tell | Pose

Played by Billy Porter

Billy Porter has always been known for his avant-garde and whimsical sense of style. Of course, he’s carried this over to his character on Pose. Although the show is based in the 1980’s, much of its style is very much rooted in a modish interpretation of the era. His character, Pray Tell, wears plenty of the avant-garde in both hats and clothes. We especially love his grey, checkered suit paired with a grey top hat. I mean, come on, who else could rock something this fashion forward? 

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Jackie Burkhart | That 70’s Show

Played by Mila Kunis

That 70’s Show has always held a magical seed of nostalgia for its fans. Even its theme song is an anthem to older, simpler days gone by. But while people poke fun at this time-warped comedy, we can’t help but notice (and praise!) Jackie Burkhart for successfully pulling off vintage baby-doll dresses, bell bottoms, and fur jackets. Mila Kunis was only in her teens when she started filming for That 70’s Show; so while the first few seasons had her wearing clothes that befitted her in her younger age, the upcoming seasons show her graduating into more sophisticated ensembles — ones that were worthy of the Jackie Burkhart. While many fans can agree that Jackie can be intolerable at times, no one can deny that this self-proclaimed rich girl can definitely afford the title of vintage bombshell. 


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