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Weddings Casa Luxia Elevates Tabletop Designs Through Elegance And Luxury

Casa Luxia Elevates Tabletop Designs Through Elegance And Luxury

Casa Luxia Elevates Tabletop Designs Through Elegance And Luxury
By Syrah Vivien Inocencio
By Syrah Vivien Inocencio
September 06, 2019
Ginger King Villavicencio is taking the stage in the tabletop design scene for her beautifully assembled creations.

The entrepreneur founded Casa Luxia, a tablescape design and dinnerware provider, with the knowledge of the importance of details in delivering a luxurious and memorable experience in intimate settings, may it be big or small.

With that, Casa Luxia is already becoming recognised among Manila’s well-heeled set with its exquisite tabletop designs – more works of art than table settings – personally curated by Ginger herself which have become the centre of attention in several events.

Ginger King Villavicencio at work
Ginger King Villavicencio at work

Casa Luxia’s tabletop designs are a feast for the senses that will leave anyone awestruck. Fresh and beautifully arranged flowers, one-of-a-kind ornaments, and mood-setting details are added to the Hermès, Megan Hess, and Piero Fornasetti pieces that bind the whole table settings. Crystal and premium cutlery add to the finishing touches of polish and elegance.

With a goal to provide a refined dining experience, Ginger carefully sets and curates everything that is presented on the table – from elegant glassware sets to top-notch cutlery. Guests can even find personalised touches that show the love and care put into each setting. The extraordinary attention to detail gives even large-scale events the feeling of elegance, luxury, and intimacy.

Today's age of digital photography and social media has raised the bar for daily experiences, with an unspoken requirement that moments have to be picturesque for everyone to see. This led Casa Luxia to better-created events, from intimate dinners to large-scale parties.

“A perfect dining experience is more than what’s on the table, it’s how everything is presented— from elegant glassware sets to top-notch cutlery—all these carefully set and curated to give you only the best experience you deserve,” Casa Luxia promises.

Casa Luxia not only has the materials to create a remarkable event, but also the elevated taste of luxury that is difficult to find anywhere else.

To know more about their different collections, visit or For inquiries and rentals, please call 0917-5307890 or email


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