Chanel channels nautical themes in latest high jewelry collection

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July 11, 2017 | BY Relaxnews

Alongside the recent haute couture fashion shows in Paris, Chanel presented its latest high jewelry collection -- "Flying Cloud" -- inspired by the nautical world

flying_cloud_chanel.jpgThe 18K white gold "Endless Knot" necklace from the "Flying Cloud" collection - unique piece by Chanel Jewelry

This seafaring theme has by no means been chosen at random, intentionally echoing some of the key moments in the life of Gabrielle Chanel and -- more precisely -- one of her most significant romances, with Hugh Grosvenor, the second Duke of Westminster.

"Flying Cloud" is the name of the yacht owned by Hugh Grosvenor, the second Duke of Westminster, one of the significant men in the life of the famous French fashion designer. A former lover of Gabrielle Chanel, Hugh Grosvenor -- nicknamed "Bendor" -- introduced her to the nautical world and the Riviera, with many cruises aboard the luxurious four-mast vessel.

It is this part of Gabrielle Chanel's vivid life that inspired the French fashion house's new high jewelry collection, which has two specific parts. One part takes inspiration from seafaring equipment and essentials, as well as symbols of the nautical world (buoys, ropes, anchors, compasses, tattoos). The other part channels the nautical summer wardrobe associated with life at sea (sailor stripes and buttons).

Diamonds, sapphires, pearls

These inspirations are echoed in a color palette ranging essentially from white to an intense blue shade, with a few touches of yellow. Diamonds and sapphires are the stars of this collection, as well as the cultured pearls cherished by Gabrielle Chanel.

The "Flying Cloud" collection comprises several lines: Precious Float, with life buoys in white gold, lapis-lazuli and cultured pearls; Sparkling Lines, with gold and diamond ropes; Yachting Day with anchors in white gold, sapphires and pearls; Summer Cruise and with stripes of sapphires, white gold, cultured pearls or yellow and white diamonds; and Sunny Rope with its knotted gold and diamonds ropes.

Two standout pieces in the collection combine exceptional expertise with creativity. These are a bib necklace with a woven design in white gold, sapphires and cultured pearls, and a supple rope necklace in white gold and diamonds.