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Debonair Chris Hemsworth gets back to basics with Hugo Boss

Chris Hemsworth gets back to basics with Hugo Boss

Chris Hemsworth gets back to basics with Hugo Boss
By Relaxnews
April 16, 2019
The brand ambassador for Hugo Boss's "Boss Bottled" range of fragrance since the summer of 2017, actor Chris Hemsworth will be the face of the modern man's newest olfactory signature, "Boss Bottled Infinite" -- its most authentic yet. The new fragrance will be available in authorized Hugo Boss fragrance retailers.

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth embodies the many facets of contemporary men, in a campaign the Hugo Boss brand has christened the "Man of Today." A model of dynamism, success, integrity, and well-roundedness, the 21st-century man is now on a quest for authenticity with "Boss Bottled Infinite," the House's newest fragrance.

Filmed by Karim-Huu Do and photographed by Matthew Brookes, Chris Hemsworth is leaving the city to get back to nature -- and to basics. The Hollywood star is seen walking barefoot by the seashore, evoking a need for escape, freedom, and reconnection with nature.

Working in Hollywood and living in Australia, Chris Hemsworth has experience juggling a career and personal life. Talking about the latest campaign, he says: "The focus is on getting away from the chaos of urban life and reconnecting with nature, which is a constant goal in my life."

Created by perfumer Annick Menardo, the new fragrance opens on mandarin and apple notes, with top notes of cinnamon and sage, trailing off with patchouli, rosemary, lavender, and sandalwood.

The "Boss Bottled Infinite" eau de parfum is available in three sizes: 50 ml, 100 ml, and 200 ml.

Cover Photo © Courtesy of Hugo Boss



Debonair Chris Hemsworth Hugo Boss Fragrance for Men


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