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Fashion Cottagecore Fashion Is Also A Hit With Mothers-To-Be

Cottagecore Fashion Is Also A Hit With Mothers-To-Be

The cottagecore trend is very popular among pregnant women.  © morrowlight / Shutterstock
By Relaxnews
October 13, 2020
Going back to the roots. This is a recurring theme in many fields, especially since the onset of the pandemic, and it is also being seen in the fashion sphere. The cottagecore aesthetic, which implies notions of nature, rusticity and romanticism, has invaded social media with billions of cottagecore hashtags shared worldwide by many women. The trend has now spread to maternity clothing with a growing number of trendy Millennials showing off their baby bumps online.

Can we expect a coronavirus baby boom in the coming months after weeks of lockdown? It's too early to predict such a phenomenon, however, fashion research platform Stylight, has analyzed fashion trends of women who are expecting and "momfluencers" and showed that maternity clothing has experienced a 79% surge in clicks last summer in comparison with the previous year.

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Ultra-stylish Moms-To-Be

In case you didn't know, the era of pregnant women wearing basic, casual clothing is long gone. An increasing number of trend-driven brands are offering wide ranges of contemporary and fashionable maternity garments for every style. And a major trend this season for moms-to-be is cottagecore, with a growing number of fans worldwide, in particular since stay-at-home measures have become the norm amidst the global health crisis. 

But what exactly is cottagecore when it comes to clothing? If you haven't had the time yet to immerse yourself in this on-trend aesthetic, it indeed embraces a return to roots characterized by floral dresses, lace, transparent fabrics as well as heavier materials with a handcrafted look. Stylight highlights a surge of 425% in clicks on clothing of these styles this year and cites many pregnant celebrities as sources of inspiration for web users.

Among the other trends that emerged from the platform for maternity style, Stylight spotlighted leather jackets (+251%), polka-dot blouses (+229%), polka-dot dresses (+185%), and dresses with big collars (+76%). Stylight also noted that crop tops are a favorite piece for moms-to-be to show off their baby bump (+20%).

Stylight also recently published figures concerning the popularity of famous pregnant women with those online. Nicki Minaj ranks highest with the most Google searches, with 246,000 monthly searches for the terms "Nicki Minaj pregnancy." Gigi Hadid (201,000 searches) holds second place, ahead of Sophie Turner, Emma Roberts, Leighton Meester, and Ciara.

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Stylight compiled these figures using internal data for 12 million monthly users of its international platforms, comparing the periods between January 1, 2020 to September 15, 2020 with the same period the year before. The most influential celebrities are ranked thanks to Google Keyword Planner (January 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020).


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