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Beauty Dr. Librado Toledo Jr. Is The Man Behind Some Of The Philippines' Most Beautiful Faces

Dr. Librado Toledo Jr. Is The Man Behind Some Of The Philippines' Most Beautiful Faces

Dr. Librado Toledo Jr. Is The Man Behind Some Of The Philippines' Most Beautiful Faces
Photo: ToledoMed
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
June 16, 2021
After having trained extensively in Korea, Dr. Librado Toledo Jr. (also known as Dr. T) returns to the Philippines, bringing with him beauty innovations beloved by pageant queens

Beauty pageants have become something of a sport in the Philippines. As one of the countries with the most crowns awarded, it's obvious that we don't take beauty lightly; Dr. Librado Toledo Jr. (fondly known as Dr. T) is much the same way. "I’ve always had the enthusiasm to acquire as much knowledge, skill and training in my field as possible," shares the cosmetic surgeon and aesthetic doctor. Now, serving at the helm of his namesake clinic, ToledoMed, Dr. Toledo Jr. has become a trusted friend and confidante to some of the country's most beautiful faces. 

Television host and beauty pageant titleholder, Cory Quirino, makes a bold statement saying: “Yes, you can delay the ageing process. You can defy time. But it begins with a choice and a decision. And the answer is ToledoMed." Though some may be sceptical, it seems to have proven true for other beauty queens such as Miss Universe Philippines 2019, Gazini Ganados, and Miss Earth 2017, Karen Ibasco. "[Dr. Toledo Jr.] prepared me for my international competition and I am very, very grateful that he has opened doors for me," Ibasco says. "My victory is his victory."

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Photo: ToledoMed
Photo: ToledoMed
ToledoMed offers gold standard skin lifting treatments like Ultherapy.
ToledoMed offers gold standard skin lifting treatments like Ultherapy.

For 13 years, Dr. Toledo Jr. has been proudly offering effective beauty services to his clients in Makati, Cebu, Davao, Koronadal, and General Santos. This year, two more branches are set to open, one in Centuria Makati and another in BGC-McKinley. "I am proud to have established beauty clinics in major cities in the Philippines, sharing my art and expertise in redefining beauty and providing the best services to our patients," he says. 

The doctor, who has trained extensively in Korea, revealed that he had found his first love in neuroscience. Yet, the emotional toll of seeing patients dying on the operating table—or after—disheartened him deeply. Fortunately, after some time, Dr. Toledo Jr. was able to find his niche in cosmetic surgery, even discovering that the two specialities had much in common.  “A cosmetic surgeon or aesthetic doctor possess the same intricate skill as that of a neurosurgeon. The art and science of beauty transformation require keenness and precision, just like in the field of neurosurgery,” he enthuses.

In 2015, he obtained his Diploma and Fellowship as a cosmetic surgeon and was among the first to introduce Korean beauty and aesthetic techniques in the country. Now, his multiple clinics are able to service patients with gold standard treatments such as Ultherapy. "Patients are given personalised services," he shares. "We make sure they are given treatments and services that address their needs the best way possible." 


Gazini Ganados, Miss Universe Philippines 2019 (Photo credit: Seven Barretto)
Karen Galman, Miss Intercontinental 2018 (Photo Credit: Erek Esperat)
Karen Ibasco, Miss Earth 2018 (Photo credit: Dion Besa)
Samantha Bernardo, Miss Grand International 2020 1st Runner-up (Photo credit: Seven Barretto)
Sharifa Akeel, Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 (Photo credit: Seven Barretto)
Cory Quirino (Photo credit: Seven Barretto)

As ToledoMed continues to forge a brighter future for beauty (and beauty queens) in our country, Dr. Toledo Jr. shares his insight on beauty in the industry. "Beauty is subjective. But medically, beauty of the face follows the rule of thirds and fifths where one achieves facial harmony," he points out. "This has been my basic reference when I prescribe the treatments to my patients. But more importantly, beauty is confidence from within. Our goals in rendering our services have always been to provide our patients with treatments and results that boost their confidence, uplift their self-esteem, and bring them happiness."

The clinic's wholesome objective continues to be the driving force behind ToledoMed as they continue to work towards making confidence—and beauty—more accessible to Filipinas around the country. 

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