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Fashion Fashion Brand EC Launches Exciting New Collection That's Perfect For Indoors And Out

Fashion Brand EC Launches Exciting New Collection That's Perfect For Indoors And Out

Fashion Brand EC Launches Exciting New Collection That's Perfect For Indoors And Out
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
September 16, 2020
EC's Volume 2 collection is a love letter to places and spaces that are just a little bit out of reach — for now

Peoples' lives, usually so fast-paced, have come to an abrupt slowdown. These days, it's more likely to find them at home than on the go. And while we miss the usual barrage of parties, events, and social gatherings that mark our calendars, there have been a few upsides to slowing down a bit.

The new perspective has brought on a flow of creative juices for some. These include partners Carlos del Prado and Eustacia Rodriguez, owners and designers at local label, EC. Eustacia, familiarly known as Stacy, has been designing for her namesake brand, Studio Eustacia, for some time now. But while her original brand focuses on bespoke occasion wear and custom casuals, EC offers its clients a more relaxed take on menswear (that women can style too!). 

As a brand, EC often displays cool streetwear style. Their first collection, known as Volume 1, has been superseded by their most recent release, Volume 2. According to Stacy, the new collection is much quieter compared to the first. "[In the first], were testing out the market and wanted to see what people would like. For the second, we stayed more true to both our personal styles." 

"We wanted to do something with a bit more louche, more relaxed pieces. So if you were at home in your clothes but needed to go out, you could," Carlos shares. 

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This happy marriage of comfort and style is one of the key statements of Volume 2, which represents a nostalgic feeling for people and places currently unreachable. "We built this romantic notion of freewheeling travel, carefree ideals, a beach somewhere," Carlos says. "We've named some of our pieces after dream destinations and have chosen colour palettes based on them. We’re not sure when we can go on a truly carefree vacation again so instead we made clothes that feel like them instead," Stacy adds. 



And true enough, a cursory glance at the Volume 2 collection reveals relaxed pieces set off by bright colours, light materials, and carefree patterns. Its androgynous style is particularly advantageous and caters to any form or shape. "We're a gender-free line that minimises waste with fair manufacturing practices and focuses on fun and comfort," Stacy says. 

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Despite EC's success and creative inspiration, the brand is not exempt from the turn of the times. "We had bigger plans for EC but 2020 made us reroute ourselves. This however, brought us to a place I feel much more comfortable in," Stacy shares. 

"Its interesting to find yourself closer to a comfort zone or having carved one out because of an event that is sort of unprecedented? Maybe comfort zone isn’t the right term, but to feel more at home in what we do because we have to be at home - that’s a really interesting turn of events," Carlos muses. 

Watch out for the official public launch of Volume 2 on 16 September 2020. 

  • Model Manch Tan & Sophie del Prado
  • Photography Mac Villaluna


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