Fashion’s 9 Muses


October 10, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

We’ve all seen them on magazine spreads, commercials, on the runway, and even in music videos – “It” girls come and go, but some remain as pillars that have forged their own niche in the industry. Read on to find out who makes it on our list:

The Fashion industry has always thrived on what’s next and what’s new, altogether merged with inimitable classics and silhouettes. The same goes for supermodels, as we fondly call them, who have become favourites of designers because of their versatility alongside their unique look and style.

Fashion muses play an important role in the world of style as they inevitably become markers of beauty not only in the industry itself, but moreover, in our everyday culture. We round-up the models who have broken the mold through their unique persona and look; opening up a whole new arena in which our style is forged. 

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Throwback to 1955, when Dovima donned the very first gown Christian Dior created for the house of Dior, photographed by Richard Avedon, set in a circus in Paris

Born Dorothy Virginia Margaret Juba, in Queens, New York,  Dovima was a staunch trailblazer in the industry during the 50s. She is truly an icon that exemplified mid-century elegance, who elevated fashion from commercial to luxury editorial.

Linda Evangelista

Throwback to Chanel's Paris Fashion Week runway 

Famously quoted saying "I dont' get out of bed for anything less that $10,000", Linda Evangelista forged an unprecedented beauty look that was both high fashion and sensual at the same time. Her beauty is still stuff of legend till this day, at the age of 52. 


 Twiggy's fame ushered in a movement away form the voluptuous models of the mid-century. Donning a thin frame, doe-eyes and short hair, Twiggy's signature beauty look was emulated across the 60s. Thereby, cleaving the way for a different definition of beauy that no longer focused on the Old Holywood look formulated by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Marylin Monroe. 

TATLER TRIVIA: Her look was so popular at the time, that the style in which the lowerlashes are separated and coated with mascara was coined as "Twiggies". 


Yet another pioneer in this list is the well-known fashion diva, Iman. Her uncompromising atittude garnered her fame on and off the runway. A forerunner in the field of modelling, Iman was one of the first few coloured models (having hailed from Somali, Africa), that graced the catwalks and magazine covers. Married to rockstar, David Bowie, their couple stardom catapulted her into unpresedented fame in the 1980s. Her eponymous cosmetics line was also one of the first that catered to different skin-types/ colours that weren't only fair/ light.   

 Naomi Campbell

Born in England, Campbell found her way into American shores at the age of 15, subsequently dominating the fashion industry. She was one of the most in-demand models on the catwalk and on magazine covers and luxury editorials. Following the influence of Iman before her, Naomi Campbell forged the image of the supermodel in the 90s alongside her equally famous contemporaries.  

Tyra Banks

Known for her rivalry with Naomi Campbell, her groundbreaking reality TV show America's Next Top Model, and her brief The Tyra Banks Show  -- Banks became a groundbreaker in the modelling industry through her breakthrough as a business woman and and advocacy for Feminism and self-confidence. Known for her curves and killer 'smize', she has become an icon in both business and Fashion. 

Kate Moss


Arguably the most famous model to date, Kate Moss dominates the industry with her relatively petite 5'7 frame. An underdog form the beginning, she entered the modellig arena alongside Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and the like --her look was completely out of vogue against the bombshells of the 90s. Her instant allure and uniqueness introduced what is often called 'Heroin Chic' -- effortless sensuality mixed with the grunginess of rock n' roll. Her look and influence lasts till today, having graced insurmountable magazine covers.  In true Kate Moss style, her F/W 2012 Louis Vuitton walk became stuff of legend, as she nonchalantly donned a lit cigarette as she trailed down the catwalk.

Gisele Bundchen

With a walk like no other, a killer body, and a piercing gaze, Bundchen makes it to this list not merely because of her tantalising beauty. This Brazilian model is by far the highest earning in the whole world (and for quite sometime undethroned). Her fame grew as a Victoria's Secret staple and an editorial maven, yet her true success blossomed when she decided to be an independent agent, focusing more on entrepreneurship. Now an owner of several retail lines, Bundchen still commands one of the highest salary demands across the globe. 

Miranda Kerr

This beautiful Aussie makes it to our list because of her influence beyond the pages of a magazine. Her beauty is disengaging and her effortless fashion sense inspires lookbooks and #ootds alike. However, much like Bundchen, Kerr decided to go on her own and create an organic beauty line, Kora Organics. This beauty is not without brains as she holds an education in the field of Nutrition. Her image extends beyond the world of fashion as she has become a lifestyle guru all on her own. 

Watch out for…  Bella Hadid

 Now a regular in almost every major runway and a muse for Bulgari (among many others), this Hadid sister is starting to mold herself in the fashion of her supermodel predecessors.

and Kendall Jenner

Hailing form the infamous Kardashian clan, Jenner has been forging her own in the world of fashion and style. Proving herself a versatile muse, Jenner has dabbled in eclectic editorial and runway work. 

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