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Fashion Fashion Flashback: Guccio Gucci

Fashion Flashback: Guccio Gucci

Fashion Flashback: Guccio Gucci
By Dorynna Untivero
By Dorynna Untivero
February 15, 2017

We all know Guccifor its eccentric commercials, its iconic purses, and stylish Horsebit Loafer, but in this third instalment of our on-going #FashionFlashback series, we’ll take a closer look into the brand and the family behind it.

From the rationing in occupied Italy that gave birth to the bamboo purse, all the way to the 2017 Cruise collection, join us as we take a quick look at the milestones that have made what Gucci is today.


Guccio Gucci is born in Florence, Italy 

The Savoy Court in the 1930s | [9]
The Savoy Court in the 1930s | [9]


Guccio is exposed to extravagant goods and high society visitors as a lift boy ay the Savoy in London.


Guccio Gucci opened a leather goods company and small luggage store in his native Florence. [1]

Gucci Store in Rome | photo from Gucci Museo
Gucci Store in Rome | photo from Gucci Museo


Gucci gains popularity and expands his store to Rome and elsewhere. 


The iconic bamboo handle is born. [2] Due to the scarcity of materials during the war and Fascist occupation in Italy, the house explored with different materials for their products.

Eventually their bamboo bags become a worldwide hit. [7] 


Guccio Gucci passes away. Leaving the company in the hands of his three sons: Aldo, Vasco, and Rolando. 


“The brand became famous for its unique mix of innovative audacity and legendary Italian quality and craftsmanship. Gucci icons were re-invented in new shapes or colors – burning the GG logo through suede - using ever more luxurious materials, mike baby crocodile coats with sterling silver snakehead buckles.” [1]

1980s - Internal family dispute

Mauricio Gucci takes over as president of the Gucci firm after his father Rolando passed away in 1983. [3] He ignored his uncle Aldo, who was eventually imprisoned for tax evasion. [4, 8] Mauricio proved to be an unsuccessful president, mismanaging the Gucci house, so as a last resort he sold the company to Investcorp SA. [5]


Tom Ford becomes creative director, bringing with exquisite designs, eventually reviving the company’s aesthetic and fashion-forward identity.

photo from
photo from


Fashion’s Darkest Tale | Mauricio Gucci is murdered. After extensive investigation, it was founded out that his wife, a well-known socialite in Italy, Patricia Reggiani, hired her husband’s killers. She is convicted. [6]




Gucci has now re-established its prestige with the help of Tom Ford and Frida Giannini, whose subsequent influence on the brand produced wonderful and iconic collections. Their latest one is the Gucci Cruise 2017, under the creative helm of Alessandro Michel.


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