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Beauty How To Cut Bangs At Home: Easy Tips From Stylists

How To Cut Bangs At Home: Easy Tips From Stylists

How To Cut Bangs At Home: Easy Tips From Stylists
Photo: Unsplash
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
April 12, 2021
Cutting your own bangs at home can be intimidating. Fortunately, these experienced stylists are here to help you out.

Still nervous about stepping foot into a salon? We've been there. Homemade DIY cuts have been a great solution to this year's lockdown protocol. For those of you who've been wondering how to trim or maintain different styles of bangs, we've got you! Check out how to master these stylish cuts below. 

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Micro Bangs


Micro Bangs are incredibly edgy and have grown in popularity. Though it may not be the look for everyone, those who know how to work it benefit from a statement style that's perfect for them. Learn how to dit yourself at home with this quick tutorial! 

Curtain Bangs


Need a low maintenance hair idea? Try curtain bangs. They frame the face so beautifully and complement all face shapes. Not only that but they're also quite versatile, depending on your desired length. Learn how to do it with this thorough step-by-step guide!

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Soft Fringe Bangs


The secret to cute fringe bangs is to make sure you're not cutting off too much hair at once. Keep it light and airy by using only a small portion of hair and then cutting it slowly to ensure you're satisfied with every snip. Learn how to do this cute style at home YouTuber Gabby Hua and you'll look flawless in no time. 

Sweeping Bangs


Sweeping bangs are a chic and timeless, they go great for any face shape and are appropriate for any age! Check out this step by step tutorial on how to do it right here. 

Blunt Bang


Blunt bangs are a statement piece. They've been sported on by Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Demi Lovato, all of whom have looked amazing with it on. The secret to doing this correctly is to do it slowly, with no rush. Never cut the hair all at once, and make sure to pause and make sure that each partition comes out even and straight. 

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