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Fashion Handmade Day 2021: 9 Cute And Chic Pieces To Add In Your Collection

Handmade Day 2021: 9 Cute And Chic Pieces To Add In Your Collection

Handmade Day 2021: 9 Cute And Chic Pieces To Add In Your Collection
Artwork by Kryss Rubio
By Christine Andas
By Christine Andas
April 06, 2021
Expand your collection with unique and chic handmade pieces—be it earrings, necklaces, bags, mask holders, toys, trinket holders, or even ashtrays—from these local brands and stores:

1/9 Bags from Rags2Riches

Rags2Riches creates eco-ethical and chic bags including the Mercado Mini. This bag is made of hand-loomed Jutes (the brand's signature weave) and indigenous weaves from Kantarines Stripes, T'nalak, and Cross Binakol. It can carry all your essentials and complement a relaxed outfit. When you buy from Rags2Riches, you're helping them provide a better future for women and men in underprivileged communities.

2/9 Cute Polymer Clay Earrings from

For handmade polymer earrings that are crafted in light tones and pastel hues, you can look through's collections. Some of their creations are inspired by the artists' travels and the architecture they've seen over time. Though they are made locally, the brand ships overseas so you can don their chic pieces wherever you may be.

3/9 Macabre Polymer Clay Earrings from Pagitan

Embrace the magic that each piece from Pagitan holds. They release different collections, including Mayari, which features pieces that exhibit the beauty of the night sky. Recently, they also launched their Aman Sinaya collection which draws inspiration from the sea and its creatures. 

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4/9 Custom Bead Necklaces from BEAD IT

Beads are making a comeback. Wear a bead necklace that expresses your real self by having it custom made by BEAD IT. They also make their own designs that are trendy. Hurry and order before it gets sold out as each necklace is unique.

5/9 Mask Holders and Sunnies Holders from Mula kay Irene at Ignacia

A chic mask holder is essential—especially when they're this beautiful. Mula kay Irene at Ignacia crafts mask or sunglass holders and necklaces that are made of colourful beads. Browse through their collections that burst with colours—from lilac to pure white beads that can elevate your outfit.

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6/9 Tops and Sweaters from O-Ren Crochet

Crochet sweaters are wonderful, but so are tops. So why not wear both? O-Ren Crochet accepts custom orders as well so you can wear stylish textiles made in your favourite colour and perfectly hug your features.

7/9 Crochet Bucket Hat And Tops from Maison Gantsilyo™ by Alyssa

You can now wear crochet bucket hats from Maison Gantsilyo by Alyssa to match your pastel wardrobe. There are also various vibrant pieces to choose from such as halter tops, flip flops, bags, and even scarves—all crocheted. 

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8/9 Trinket Holders and Ashtrays from Mini Kartel

Whether you need a trinket holder or an ashtray, Mini Kartel has both that are uniquely designed. These textile and clay pieces are handmade and can add a bit of colour to any space. You may even request to have a custom design crafted just for you.

9/9 Wooden Toys from Seed Studio Toys

These wooden toys from Seed Studio Toys are handcrafted from Cebu. Once the kids are done playing with these artfully crafted wooden toys, you may either store or display them on shelves. You can choose from designs such as aeroplanes, easter eggs, and dinosaurs.




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