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Watches Jewellery House of Dehres: All That Glitters

House of Dehres: All That Glitters

House of Dehres: All That Glitters
(Clockwise) Exquisite bracelet with the same cut stone and similar weights, colours, and clarities; cushion-cut dangling diamonds, over 10c each; emerald-cut earrings, over 7.80c; 7c cushion-cut diamond ring; 10c J coloured VS1 classic brilliant engagement ring; 8c emerald-cut stone ring
By Philippine Tatler
September 15, 2019
The House of Dehres is a family-run business and a globally recognised brand which produces exceptional diamond and precious stone jewellery with passion and expertise

Purchasing jewellery at Dehres (pronounced: “deh-rez”) and from the Dehres team is an experience. As regular clients often say: “It feels like home.”

Founded in 1985, Dehres is derived from an acronym composed of the names of each member of the Zion family. The brand name symbolises unity, strength, and a shared passion to redefine the epitome of luxury jewellery. Unlike other prestigious jewellery brands in the same luxury market, Dehres is deeply rooted in values which are ingrained in its founding family. These values include kindness and generosity combined with professionalism and excellence.

At the Dehres headquarters in the famous Landmark in Central, Hong Kong, three generations of Zions working in the family business elaborate on their beloved brand.

Ephraim, the founder, is an iconic figure and a leader in the world of diamonds, precious gemstones, and fine jewellery. Beginning his career as a diamond cutter at age 14 before transitioning to a diamond wholesaler 10 years later, he has acquired the knowledge of the ins and outs of this industry.

Managing Director Ronen Zion, Co-founder
Hannah Zion, Founder Ephraim Zion, Executive Director Simon Zion
Managing Director Ronen Zion, Co-founder Hannah Zion, Founder Ephraim Zion, Executive Director Simon Zion

In the early ’80s with the onset of a recession that plagued the wholesale diamond industry, Ephraim realised that in order to move the growing inventory of unsold diamonds he’d have to innovate and reinvent his entire business model. Thus, he established a state-of-the-art factory, hired esteemed Swiss designers and goldsmiths, and created quality diamond jewellery unparalleled to what was available at the time.

There are several factors that set Dehres apart from the competition, one of which is its proximity to the source and method of procurement. Having started out as distributors, and achieving high recognition in this position for years, Dehres has developed a global network of loyal suppliers. “Our special relations with these suppliers provide us with exclusive access to diamonds and precious stones that few others in the industry have,” says Simon, son of Ephraim and executive director in charge of purchasing. This exclusive access also allows the brand to offer exceptional pieces at much more competitive rates.

Another is their award-winning team of designers who, for decades, have been challenging the boundaries of science, artistry, and imagination. The extensive creative process involves visualising the aesthetic potentials of a stone, arriving at an inspiration, producing sketches that interpret the inspiration, and finally piecing together every intricate component to create a unique treasure. Uniquely, every step of creation of these coveted pieces is overseen by an experienced Zion family member.

“Good proportions, unique design, and fine craftsmanship are our lifeblood; these distinguish us from other manufacturers,” underscores Ephraim.

Customers also have the option of choosing from a wide range of existing designs or selecting a stone they love. They then work with the skilful designers to create a bespoke piece of jewellery specific to their liking.

Coloured stones comprise 30 per cent of Dehres jewellery
Coloured stones comprise 30 per cent of Dehres jewellery

When in search of the perfect engagement ring, a pair of diamond studs for daily wear, or an extravagant piece of jewellery featuring a ruby or sapphire centre-stone, Dehres is the ideal source. The founding family’s passion and expertise are guaranteed to provide you with a phenomenal shopping experience, one which includes education on what you’re buying, added value, and, most importantly, a great sense of joy and excitement.

Ronen, Ephraim’s eldest son and the company’s managing director, underscores what differentiates Dehres from other luxury jewellery brands: “It’s the relationships with our clients. Products and prices are of course important, but the human element is just as vital in our business. It is the trust, respect, and understanding in our relationships that distinguish us from the rest.”

As the Dehres management oversees all its buying, manufacturing, and marketing, Ephraim can rightfully say that the “vertical integration enables the firm to offer our clients highest quality products, superior level service, and exceptional value. We are committed to long-term relationships with our customers and local communities.”

When our clients wear Dehres, they feel confident in their jewels and in themselves

Ronen Zion

Royalty, celebrities, and public figures are all included among the client list making the company a major international player with showrooms across the world. Because of this, confidentiality, discretion, and trust are necessary within their business.

Dehres is a major contributor to a variety of causes dear to the founders’ heart. The company made a significant contribution to the British Columbia Children’s Hospital foundation upon the opening of their Vancouver showroom. It also provides regular support to local causes such as Mother’s Choice, the Community Chest, the Hong Kong Cancer & Research Fund, and many more.

All in all, purchasing the stones which will mark the most special of life’s moments from Dehres appears to be an absolute pleasure. As Ronen stresses, “When our clients wear Dehres, they know they are wearing the best. They feel confident in their jewels and in themselves.”

3501 Edinburgh Tower, The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong
T: +852 2521-3411 •


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