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July 14, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Get ready to go Gaga over this new sleek collection inspired by New York City.

World famous Tiffany  & Co just revealed their brand new line: Tiffany HardWear. Rustan's Department Store unveiled the collection last night at Bank Bar with an ultra trendy cocktail party. 


Tiffany HardWear is all about the bold, captivating and enchanting energy of the incredible New York City. In fact the one and only Lady Gaga is their brand ambassador for this collection -- a perfect match, as she confidently embodies the many characteristics of New York City: progressive,  chic, powerful, trendy and elegant. 

The energy of Big Apple's vibrant streets and charismatic atmosphere is what inspires the simple yet edgy designs found in Tiffany HardWear. The collection embodies “the urban soul of the city where the modern rebel mixes fashion with street style.”

tiff-niole-anderson.jpgHost: Nicole Anderson

The collection is inspired by a unisex bracelet originating from 1971—now reimagined to include earrings, rings, necklaces and pendants too -- all of which will be a perfect addition to your skinny jeans and leather jacket or to that quintessential cocktail dress.

tiff-dina.jpgErika Kerner VP Marketing Asia Pacific of Tiffany & Co and Dina Arroyo Tantoco of Rustans 

Tiffany HardWear is metal-intensive in order to capture the industrialism of a big city. The collection has iconic gauge links to reflect utilitarian hardware. You will notice a motif of the ball and chain recurring throughout the designs as an homage to the hustle and bustle of the city life.


However this is by no means saying that New York City is a ball and chain that weighs you down but quite the opposite. It in fact is telling customers that with Tiffany HardWear you can forever be connected to this inspirational city, set free to dress to impress, brining a little piece of New York with you, always.


Tiffany HardWear will be available April 28 internationally and online beginning May 2.

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