Look Hot While Breaking A Sweat


August 1, 2017 | BY Isabel Martel Francisco

Sloppy gym clothes, begone.

Nowadays gym clothes have become a huge part of the fashion scene and the gym has become a place where people can show off their outfits #fitspiration.

Less and less people are simply wearing sweat pants, old shorts and ratty t-shirts to the gym. Suddenly everyone started looking oh so very cute in sportswear…. The pressure has definitely been turned up.

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The gym was the one place where we could all look somewhat awful and let our guard down, red cheeked, sweaty and out of breath…but wearing stylish clothes while feeling exhausted, couldn’t hurt, right?

Looking attractive while doing something that makes you very un-attractive is quite the challenge but thankfully, so many brands have designed such good looking athletic wear that a whole new term and trend were born: athleisure. These outfits are now worn outside of the gym, and are part of people’s regular wardrobe ensembles.   

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Dressing for fitness activities has become much more fun and engaging with the changing fashion scene. Being able to go about your day in active wear without looking like you came from gym class has made life easier and lets face it, much more comfortable. Who doesn’t want to live in yoga pants and leggings?

Check out these local brands that can help you dress to impress: 


Be Amaz1ng

 Sweat Pants Project 



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