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Minetani Meets Manila

Minetani Meets Manila
By Isabel Martel Francisco
September 26, 2017
This Korean jewellery line just debuted in the Philippines!

What is Minetani?

This jewellery line is built on strong family ties and a deeply rooted love for fashion and the creative process. “Minetani’s philosophy lies in our desire to create unique one of a kind pieces of jewllery that best represent today’s women. Minetani’s signature style is characterized by our trend forward designs that stand the test of time.” - Minetani 

This Korean brand has become an international name, now sold in the USA, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong too! 

The brand has three different arms, Tani, Minetani and Mine. Tani is their costume collection which is produced with Swarovski crystals and gold and silver plates. Minetani is a fine jewellery line, where the brand is able to bring haute couture designs to a larger audience. Lastly, Mine is their couture high-end collection, which uses only the most delicate and luxurious components. With Mine, clients can create bespoke accessories, choosing stones and settings for themselves.  

An important aspect of Minetani is that its designs can be worn by a woman in her 20’s and a woman in her 60’s. Each original creation is sophisticated, stylish and most importantly, timeless.

What is available in the Philippines?

Check it out at the BijouxFah show room in the MDI building in BGC. Here you can shop for the costume jewellery collection and the fine jewellery line.

Who is behind Minetani?

Sunny Kim and Vicky Delgado are the sisters behind the brand – both of whom represented their collections at the launch.

Vicky who has been living in the Philippines with her family for the past 8 years said that the girls grew up around accessories and jewels, exposed to the business and the intricacies of fashion at an early age. Their mother, who founded Minetani over 20 years ago, is still the head designer for the high-end jewellery line, but Sunny is at the helm of Tani and Minetani.

Both sisters spoke passionately about how accessories complete a look, saying that “you need that finishing touch to look perfect.” I asked what advice Vicky had for women when it come to wearing jewellery, to which she said: “Don’t be intimidated. The most important thing is to have fun! Don’t be afraid to mix and match high and low end pieces, just like you do with clothing. Make sure to express yourself and show your creativity. Accessorising is supposed to make you feel good and make you happy – if it cannot do that, then what’s the point?" 

Sunny and Vicky beamed with excitement as their displayed Tani and Minetani expressing that to them “jewellery is an ideal investment as it is something that you can keep within the family for decades, you can pass it on and it will retain value.”

I asked Vicky why they personally love jewellery and she answered, plain and simple, “what’s not to love?”


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