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Beauty Nars Spring 2017 Colour Collection

Nars Spring 2017 Colour Collection

Nars Spring 2017 Colour Collection
By Philippine Tatler
February 09, 2017
François Nars talks about the brand's newest colour collection

Q: Can you describe the Spring 2017 color palette?

François Nars: I would say it’s a mix of earth tones and brighter shades, accented with a bit of a glow. At first, it seems neutral because of the bronze shades, but they are balanced by some bold colors, like the blue. The combination of these two creates a really amazing palette that is perfect for the change in seasons.

Q: What was the inspiration for the campaign visual?

François Nars: It was actually a Zeffirelli film from 1972 called Brother Sun, Sister Moon. The main character undergoes a spiritual transformation, he spends some time in a wild field thinking about nature and poetry. I loved the images of those fields: their beauty, of course, but also what they represented: a sense of freedom and peace.

Q: Why did you decide to photograph Daria Strokous for the campaign?

François Nars: I love working with Daria. She has the kind of face that I’m attracted to: an unusual beauty, with strong features. She’s like a chameleon, she can become whatever or whoever I want her to be and for me, that’s the perfect model for any campaign.

NARS Spring 2017 Color Collection Stylized Image - jpeg.JPGQ: What are your favorite products and shades in the collection?

François Nars: The Velvet Shadow Sticks are really fun to use and they have a really great, blendable texture. I think the warm bronze shade is sexy and sophisticated, but I really like the combination of it with the cool blue. It’s unexpected. 


This collection  is only available in Rustan's -- Makati & EDSA Shangri-la.



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