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Watches Jewellery Necklaces: What’s Right for Your Neckline

Necklaces: What’s Right for Your Neckline

Necklaces: What’s Right for Your Neckline
By Sharmaine Uy
October 05, 2015

Find out what kind of necklace you should be wearing with your gown.

As we count the days until the Philippine Tatler Ball on November 7, we give you tips on how to decode style tricks to avoid unfortunate fashion mishaps on the big day. In this edition, we will talk about the importance of wearing the right necklace to suit the neckline of your gown of choice.

While sometimes common sense is enough to determine what general type of necklace would match a specific kind of neckline, it doesn’t hurt to educate yourself on the many shapes and sizes so you can mix and match pieces.

Generally, open necklines (gowns that expose a lot of skin from the neck to the chest area) require pieces that fill the space and match the shape of the neckline itself. On the other hand, high necklines (gowns with necklines that are close to the neck area) entail the use of necklaces that balance the shape of the neckline. Here are our picks:


Balance the long horizontal neckline with a long vertical piece such as this Piaget number.


Match the V-neck with a similarly shaped piece such as this John Hardy Bamboo necklace, depending on how narrow or wide the neckline is.


Intricately-crafted chokers such as this Chopard piece provides the much needed embellishment on the bare area while leaving enough exposed skin for a sexy look.


Match the delicate neckline with a necklace that goes along with the curves. This short but curved Swarovski number should do the trick.

Halter Strap

A halter strap can take the form of a sweetheart, V-neck, or straight neckline, but the goal is for the necklace to serve as a connector from the neck to the neckline of the gown. Wear a piece similar to this Carrera y Carrera number—it has a cord that is long enough for the narrow pendant to barely touch the cloth.

As you plan your wardrobe for the Ball, do remember that that not every neckline requires a necklace. Halternecks, one-shoulders, and high necks, for example, can be complemented instead with stacking bracelets or dangling earrings.


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