OWNDAYS in the Philippines


November 10, 2016 | BY Sharmaine Uy

OWNDAYS merges style with substance and brings a new experience for eyewear shoppers


After being in the local market for the past 11 months, Japanese optical store OWNDAYS makes a splash for its official launch. Since opening its first store in Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, OWNDAYS has established presence in seven other locations within Metro Manila, with two more lined up before the end of 2016--in Shangri-La Plaza and Robinson's Place Galleria.


When its first boutique opened in December of 2015, OWNDAYS introduced a different means of shopping for both prescription eyeglasses and fashionable sunglasses, veering away from the “clinical” optical store concept. The frames are displayed in the open, allowing customers to freely touch and try on any of the 1,500 styles available.

Aside from the wide-open store layout, OWNDAYS gives the promise of “simple, quick, and valuable” service. Its simple price system sets one rate for a complete set—frame plus regular aspheric / ultra thin lenses—without any additional fee and regardless of grade. Meanwhile, top-notch Japanese technology allows for the quick processing of each pair of glasses—as early as 20 minutes upon payment, except for special order lenses. Finally, the frames and lenses are thoughtfully designed and produced in compliance with the strict Japan Industrial Standards. OWNDAYS lenses are aspheric / ultra thin, which is 30 per cent lighter than the regular lens and is multi-coated with UV, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and water repellent coating.


As for the assortment of styles, OWNDAYS stores in Manila carry about 90 per cent of all the collections sold in Japan. The styles are designed by the company’s design team in Tokyo. “The team works out partnerships to determine inspirations for different collections,” OWNDAYS Philippines Managing Director Vohne Yao explained. “Some collections are made in partnership with Japanese designers, some with celebrities. However, there are collections which are purely the result of the team’s creativity. They determine what’s fashionable and make use of functional materials, integrating style and utility.”


The brand highlights the Air Ultem collection as its flagship. The frames weigh just 9.4 grams and provide amazing flexibility. It is made of this flexible, incombustible, and heat-resistant material called Ultem, which is normally used to make spare parts of spacecrafts and airplanes.