Pearls of Wisdom: Zelda Kienle


October 21, 2016 | BY Philippine Tatler

As a recent mother-of-the-bride, Zelda Kienle, dishes out some sage motherly advise.

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On March 19, 2016, Zelda Kienle watched her second and youngest daughter, Jessica, marry her longtime boyfriend, Jesse Ho-Maxwell at El Nido, Palawan, in a beautiful sunset beachside ceremony amongst family and friends.

Philippine Tatler Weddings: Now that both your daughters are married and you’ve witnessed and participated in both their weddings (one in France and one local) what tips or advise would you give to other mothers of brides-to-be?

Zelda Kienle: With both my daughters Stephanie and Jessica now married, I have experienced two of the most beautiful and unforgettable moments and milestones in my life.

Both weddings were lovely and meaningful, first for my daughters and their spouses and also for us parents and those who joined us in celebrating this joy.

Wedding planning isn’t just for the bride and groom but its also a major moment for their mums. Traditionally, there are specific duties for the mother of the bride but traditions evolve. Some mothers of the bride are involved in helping plan their daughter’s wedding day while some prefer to take a backseat. This day is about your daughter, respect the wishes she deserves so best to allow yourself to go with the fl ow.

No matter what, mums should always be there for support. She should be by her daughter’s side to aid with whatever she needs and you can also ask where you might be able to help. Always offer an ear or a shoulder to cry on and help her stay positive as emotions will be high. Mums are there to be the rock. 

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PTW: What tips or advise would you give to brides-to-be?

ZK: On their wedding day, I would remind them that more than anything else what matters the most is their love and marriage and not stress or make a big deal out of every single detail. They have to be happy and relaxed as it’s their special day and enjoy every moment of it.

After 35 years of a happy marriage, there is so much I have learned and I am still learning! It is a journey. I would advice the brides-to-be to never stop working on their marriage and always try to make it better, to learn and grow together and keep that flame burning.

Communication, respect and trust for each other are key to a successful marriage. Show your spouse how much you love him, appreciate and care for him and don’t take things for granted.

Photography by Pat Dy

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