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Watches Jewellery Perfect Betrothal Gifts From Jewelmer

Perfect Betrothal Gifts From Jewelmer

Perfect Betrothal Gifts From Jewelmer
By Philippine Tatler
August 02, 2019
Honour the beauty of a Ting Hun tradition and make this symbolic union of two a ceremony to behold

Ting Hun signifies the announcement of a couples engagement and the formal meeting of their families.

Jewelmer Bollicine Necklace
Jewelmer Bollicine Bracelet
Jewelmer Bollicine Earrings
Jewelmer Bollicine Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, and Ring
Jewelmer Bollicine Ring
Jewelmer Spring Blossoms Earrings and Bracelet, and Les Classiques Strand

On this special day of betrothal, gift rare treasures of gold that embody the energy of love, prosperity, and happiness.  Let extraordinary pearl creations herald good fortune as the couple embarks on their lifelong journey as one.

Jewelmer is an international luxury brand that was born out of a commitment to the world’s most lustrous cultured South Sea pearls and exquisite fine jewelry. Established in 1979 by Jacques Branellec and Manuel Cojuangco, Jewelmer has grown globally to represent a world of rarity and enduring elegance.


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