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Beauty Pride Month 2020: Nail Artists Pay Tribute To LGBTQ+ Community

Pride Month 2020: Nail Artists Pay Tribute To LGBTQ+ Community

Pride Month 2020: Nail Artists Pay Tribute To LGBTQ+ Community
By Relaxnews and Ryanne Co
June 15, 2020
The month of June is dedicated to LGBTQ+ Pride marches in the United States as well as in several countries around the world. While many of them have been cancelled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, nothing's stopping you from adopting the colors of the cause through your clothes, your makeup, or even your manicure. Here are some nail design ideas created and shared by nail artists and nail addicts from around the world.

Vee Nailedit (@vee_nailedit)

Nail artist and Youtuber Vee Nailedit (@vee_nailedit) goes for rainbow gradient effect on fake nails. At the base, the nail is left natural and then the gradient strats at an angle with all the colors that symbolize the LGBTQ+ cause. The whole is subtly blurred to evoke a real rainbow. 

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Kallie (@kallies__nails)

Nail artist Kallie (kallies__nails) takes an even more graphic approach, again on fake nails. This time, the different colors of the rainbow are applied vertically with great precision, so that each line can be distinguished perfectly. A creative way to show support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Laura's Pills (@lauraspills)

This is a nail art design created last year around this time that Laura's Pills (@lauraspills) shared for Pride Month. The manicure also highlights the rainbow, which fades like flowing paint, and features motifs symbolizing union and love. A nail design for those who have already mastered the basics.

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Spruce Nail Shop (@sprucenailshop)

These gorgeous striped rainbow nails are perfect for those looking to take inspiration from something different. Although the colours aren't too loud, it stills spells P-R-I-D-E. 

Elizabeth (@theelizabethanne)

Nail artist, Elizabeth, gives her followers a quick tutorial on DIY rainbow tips. There's a rainbow French tip design, scallop nails, and a radial design that's too cute not to try. 

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Amelia Carhartt (@ameliacarhartt)

These gorgeous polka dot nails are crazy, but in a good way. Try them at home with a white base coat and dotting pen tool! 


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