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April 3, 2017 | BY Shauna Popple Williams

A designer for all seasons and occasions, Pia Gladys Perey is every woman’s designer darling


It sounds cliché, sure, but Pia Gladys Perey is a woman who truly designs for the every woman. Not in the “safe” loose-ish and bias-cut, hide-your-curves kind of way. Not one bit. The PGP way is all about celebrating shape with a little bit of “let’s accentuate this and tweak that.”

 While most women shy away from jersey and neoprene, the designer has deftly and firmly placed these underdogs of the fabric world in the limelight. Her bespoke and RTW designs decidedly debunk the myth that these are historically unforgiving as Perey churns out fabulously flattering cuts with miraculous drapery to reveal the best in every woman, no matter her body type or age.


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 From standout cohesive collections on the runway to dressing the biggest Hollywood stars on the red carpet to being a well-loved designer for bridal wear, there is literally something for women of all persuasions on her designer rack.

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Petra Nemcova | Photo: Courtesy of Mackenzie Stroh

 It is for this very reason that PGP is covetable the world over. Currently available in Rustan’s in the Philippines (with ateliers both here and in LA) as well as in high-end department stores in the UK, Sydney, Queensland, Perth, Adelaide, Dubai, Singapore, Japan, New York, Florida, Texas, and California, there’s PGP glamour, elegance and pizzazz to be had by all.

Supermodel and Philanthropist Petra Nemcova caught up with Perey for a special project as she officially turns over two schools in Albay that were built under her foundation Happy Hearts.JPGSupermodel and Philanthropist Petra Nemcova caught up with Perey for a special project as she officially turns over two schools in Albay that were built under her foundation Happy Hearts | Photo: Courtesy of Lana Faith Johnson

Right out of a meeting with one of her supermodel clients, Petra Nemcova, Perey sits down with Philippine Tatler to share her style and packing tips and more importantly, how to hit the ball out of the park in the style department for every occasion.


Philippine Tatler: Who is the woman that wears Pia Gladys Perey [PGP]?

Pia Gladys Perey: The woman who wears PGP understands the importance of elegance and style. She is comfortable with who she is and does not need to make bold statements to make a lasting impression. She is confident yet feminine, smart yet sensual. 

The PGP label celebrates the true female form at any age and shape. It is a brand that understands the importance of the power of dressing up without sacrificing comfort. Although we understand trends, the brand focuses on timeless elegance. 

PT: Describe your personal style.

PGP: I believe in the classics and I love clean lines but I also want to have fun dressing up by wearing funky shoes! My style is very feminine and I would wear a dress every day if I could. I only own one pair of jeans but it has gone missing for a few months now. 

PT: What are the 5 things every woman should have in her closet?

PGP: Sounds cliché but a little black dress, red pumps, a good bag, two hats (wide brimmed and cloche) and a well-tailored coat.

PT: What’s your favourite article of clothing right now?

PGP: I am a lucky girl, I get to try on and road test all of our new collections so I have so many options. But usually, when I like a dress, I will make it in at least three colours. At the moment it is the Edith dress from our new collection. It is sexy, comfortable and can be easily worn by any body type. It is not just my favourite, it is everyone’s favourite and one of our bestsellers.

PT: Whose closet do you most want to steal? 

PGP: Queen Rania’s.

PT: What’s the best fashion or style advise you’ve ever been given?

PGP: It is not always about the dress, it is about the woman wearing the dress.

PT: What does dressed up Pia and dressed down Pia look like? 

PGP: Dressed up Pia will be in a long dress with a train (yes, that dressed up), all the bling and perfect hair and make up. Dressed down Pia wears shorts, a white boyfriend shirt and ballet flats or sneakers. 

PT: You’re always attending glam star-studded affairs like the Grammys. What are your key “wow” dressing tips?

PGP: Less is more – always. Good hair and make up, jewellery is a must and just own what you are wearing. Nothing is more attractive than a confident woman! 

PT: How would you dress for a first date?

PGP: I would go for a full skirt and nicely fitted top in ivory, nude pumps in ivory and a hot pink or sky blue clutch. 

PT: How would you dress for a [pretend] job interview? 

PGP: A dress with a super CAPELET.

PT: You split your time between LA and Manila – how do you dress the part for both?

PGP: I have two sets of my basics in both of my closets. Short and long dresses in black, red, ivory and light grey. I do leave most of my winter wear in LA since I always stop by the house there if I need to go to colder places like New York. 

I do not bring a lot of clothes when I travel but I do bring a lot of shoes!

 PT: When packing for colder climates, what goes into your luggage? 

PGP: Thick black coat, my favourite white coat, ankle boots, thigh high-boots, fingerless leather gloves, leggings, scarves and my favourite cloche hat. I will find every excuse to wear my hat!

PT: Who would you die to design for or dress?

PGP: I died when I dressed up Angelina Jolie but I would not mind dressing up Cate Blanchet and Nicole Kidman.

PT: What do you like to see on a man?

PGP: Sexy jeans paired with a good t-shirt and sneakers or a dapper suit.

PT: What’s next on the PGP agenda?

PGP: The 10th year anniversary of the Pia Gladys Perey label and the launch of our shape campaign!