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Beauty 7 Short Hair Styles To Try Out This 2021: Classic Bob, Fringe, And More

7 Short Hair Styles To Try Out This 2021: Classic Bob, Fringe, And More

7 Short Hair Styles To Try Out This 2021: Classic Bob, Fringe, And More
Photo: Unsplash
By Christine Andas
By Christine Andas
March 01, 2021
Looking for ways to style your hair for the summer? Browse through these chic short hairstyles that can enhance your face shape and give you the dazzle you need on a sunny day

1/7 The Classic Bob

It's always a good time to don a classic bob for the summer. Whether you choose not to style it, you'll still appear pleasing and elegant. A short bob usually suits almost any face shape.

2/7 Full or Curtain Fringe

Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

If you find the bob cut quite plain, you can always get a full fringe. But considering that getting a full fringe can be a daunting commitment, you can always have it cut your way. There are many variations of fringes, like the trending curtain fringe that effortlessly dangles on each side. It can also play down the chin area and reduce the face's length.


3/7 Mullet

Lately, celebrities have donned a choppy hairstyle that would have seemed unhip before. This returning hairstyle trend is now one of the most donned since the past year. The modern mullet can be styled in many ways; you can dye it in different colours, enjoy your hair's natural texture, and style it as messy as you please.

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4/7 Permed or Curled Hair

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

Completely change your look by getting a perm. Whether you plan on getting soft or big waves, it's time to have your hair curled today. This hairstyle can make a diamond-shaped face appear wider. Those with a round-shaped face may have the ringlets styled in a certain way for an effective slimming effect. Simply ask your local hairdresser which would fit you well.



5/7 Layered Or Chopped Bob

Add a twist to the classic bob by having it layered. A layered bob can add volume, which is great for those with thin and thick hair. It can also create texture which makes this hairstyle great for those who don't spend their time doing their hair. But it will also look amazing when styled right, be it curled or straightened.

6/7 Pixie And Undercut

Photo: Pexels
Photo: Pexels

If you're concerned with the heat but still want to keep it chic, you can always go for one of the shortest and iconic cuts. The pixie and undercut are both versatile yet low maintenance. This hairstyle will look amazing on any face shape.

7/7 Blunt Bob

The blunt bob just might be the shortest bob cut of all and undeniably chic. It's also simple and elegant—making it a go-to style wherever you may be. Anyone can sport this straight-cut bob since this hairstyle has many variations. This cut would do wonders for those with straight and fine hair.

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