Spring has Sprung for Jewelmer Joaillerie

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January 30, 2017 | BY Philippine Tatler

Jewelmer Joaillerie’s spring/summer 2017 collection celebrates art and life


Atop the picturesque landscape of the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, Jewelmer Joaillerie has set up an elegant soiree at sunset to showcase its latest collection of pearl accessories. The golden South Sea pearls glisten in the twilight, adorning the lovely ladies who sauntered down the runway donning the silhouettes of fashion designer Joey Samson.


Combining the poetry of French design with the natural grandeur of the pearls, Jewelmer’s creations are statements of purity, rarity, and enchantment. Jewelmer Joaillerie’s spring/summer 2017 collection in particular celebrates the spirit of life, experienced through the vibrant energy of nature, through the beauty of travel, or through a moment in time.

Paying homage to the immensity of nature, Quetzal, Tropics, and Giverny depict the glorious forms of the living world. Known as the fabled bird of Guatemala, Quetzal symbolizes freedom, flight, and the resonance of songs. Nature’s inexhaustible bounty inspires Tropics’ Elegant designs, where beauty endures through the bloom of golden flowers. In Giverny, the secret garden of a French Impressionist springs to life, telling of the art birthed by the spectacle of nature.


Meanwhile, collections like La Parisienne, Guimard, and Voile D’or celebrate life’s exciting journeys. Moments in the city of light and romance—be it a stroll in Rue de La Paix or a night at the Moulin Rouge—are made eternal in the charms of La Parisienne. Guimard transports us back to the sensuous glamour of French Art Nouveau, recalling how the curving forms of a French architect, Henry Guimard, shaped the culture of an era. The Whimsy of the sea and the lure of travel are echoed in Voile D’or, telling of how every traveller is formed by the journey she undertakes.

Finally, magnifying graceful nuances found in the quiet hours and the poetry of a moment, Zen, Nids D’Ange, and Luminescence speak of how artistic scenarios inspire the rhapsody of the mind. Luminescence evokes moonlight dancing on the sea. In the Zen collection, pieces portray peacefulness inspired by spectral gardens, silver rain, and golden light. In Nids D’Ange, meaning “angel’s nest,” a luminous nest of diamonds radiates the timeless allure of the golden pearl—highlighting the beauty of life through nature’s grand design.

USA-Operations-Director-Joe-Meli,-Group-Pres.jpgUSA Operations Director Joe Meli, Group Pres. and CEO Jacques Branellec, Brand Mngr Marion Branellec, Group Chairman Manuel Cojuangco, SVP and Creative Director Gaelle Branellec, SVP Abelardo Mondonedo, EVP and deputy CEO Jacques Christophe Branellec

Through nature, travel, and the magic of a moment, the vibrant collections are a tribute to life and the shared legacy of creation. “We all belong to the same earth, to the same planet,” Jewelmer Joaillerie group president and CEO Jacques Branellec, tells guests as they partake in a sumptuous dinner by Cibo. “We are all united with the same values, and the value tonight is gratitude. We should be grateful to be Filipino. We should be grateful to be part of the Jewelmer adventure.”

As the event wears on to the night, the Philippine Madrigal Singers’ wonderful rendition of rapturous arias ranging from Carmen’s iconic “Habanera,” to spirited showtunes keeps the guests delighted.

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