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FashionStyle Profile: Cristina Gomez Ong

Style Profile: Cristina Gomez Ong

Style Profile: Cristina Gomez Ong
By Monique Madsen
By Monique Madsen
November 28, 2018
Fashion consultant and accessories designer for the label House of Serafina, Cristina Gomez-Ong, is a modern uptown girl with a panache for understated sophistication

It's hard not to be spellbound by Cristina Gomez- Ong's charm: doe-eyed and never without an eager smile, she brings an exciting energy to a room with a vibrant personality matched with colourful statement accessories. Gomez-Ong's signature style is feminine, clean and polished. She has an eye for classic, timeless pieces that can outlast trends. Phoebe Philo, Victoria Beckham, and Sarah Burton are some of the fashion designers and creatives she looks up to.

Yellow jumpsuit with ruffled sleeves by Patty Ang and Maureen mules by Malone Souliers
Yellow jumpsuit with ruffled sleeves by Patty Ang and Maureen mules by Malone Souliers

Going to vintage stores and auction houses fascinates me—these are my sources for creative inspiration

“I have various notebooks which I keep handy inside my bags. I enjoy being able to jot down ideas and interesting quotes I come across as I go on with my day. Sketching in these also keeps me busy when stuck in a traffic jam”
“A vintage bag such as this classic Chanel has a distinct character with its own little history. In addition, I find that most pieces in the past have better craftsmanship”
“I was never one to sacrifice comfort nor style, so a comfortable yet stylish pair of shoes is important to me! This versatile pair of Roger Vivier checks both boxes”
“Back in college, my parents gifted me with a Patek Philippe watch with an engraved message that said “You're the master of your own destiny.” And I can never leave home without my engagement and wedding rings from my husband”
“When I travel, I try to take home an accessory or unique piece of jewellery. These Moor brooches from Venice are made from ebony and precious stones. They make great conversation pieces”
“These silk tops from Maureen Disini are my go-to pieces because they can either be dressed up or down depending on the occasion”
“My wardrobe consists of a lot of basic pieces which I enjoy accessorising with scarves. This one from Hermès I can wear either on my head, neck, or my waist because it instantly transforms a look from bleak to chic!”

Photography: Ramon Mangila; Creative Direction and Styling: Monique Madsen; Make-up: Johnson Estrella of MAC Cosmetics; Hair: Patty Inojales; Location: Raffles Hotel Makati |  On the cover: Cristina Gomez-Ong wears a black satin top with oversized sleeves by Mark Bumgarner.


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