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Watches JewelleryTAG Heuer Opens Modular Ginza Store

TAG Heuer Opens Modular Ginza Store

TAG Heuer Opens Modular Ginza Store
By Philippine Tatler
April 18, 2018
Bella Hadid was on hand to celebrate the launch of the world’s first modular watch shop

Taking after the concept of its Connected Modular watch, TAG Heuer built its new Ginza boutique with the aim of reinventing customer experience. From the digital façade and the displays to the decoration itself, every aspect of the boutique is completely modular.

This concept is a world’s first, offering customers full immersion in the brand universe thanks to the omni-channel boutique purchasing experience. A highlight are the new iTAGs, the brand’s cutting edge connected displays. With just a few clicks on the iPad built into the display, the customer can select his or her favourite models, browsing by either the brand's themes or product collection. Thanks to an ingenious system which synchronises the iPad and the iTAG, the watches, on a pivoting support, appear instantly lit up on the display, allowing them to be easily accessed and appreciated. In addition, customers can also transfer their selection to a mobile device, which allows them to extend their purchasing experience outside of the store when they log into my

This new system gives the customer total independence when purchasing a watch, with a whole host of possible options, such as online ordering with in-store pick-up or a more comprehensive introduction to the piece in a traditional store on the second floor. The TAG Heuer sales team is present at all times, permanently connected to the iTAG through their connected watch, which informs them directly if a customer wishes to try on the model they have selected. The watch is now equipped with the clientelling app to ensure a memorable service. The seller now plays a new role, either centrally, adding emotion and relevance to the customer experience, or acting simply as a facilitator.

Top model Bella Hadid visited Ginza to officially open TAG Heuer’s boutique along with Shido Nakamura, one of Japan’s most popular Kabuki actors. Together, they broke open the lid of a sake barrel as part of the traditional opening ceremony.

After discovering the avant-garde world of TAG Heuer, Bella was able to take part in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, an age-old rite which is nothing short of an art form. With grace and curiosity, Bella savoured this sacred moment, appreciating the ritual and the unique expertise offered by the tea house set within the beautiful gardens of Happō-en.


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