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Watches Jewellery TAG Heuer's Golf Edition Connected Is The Only Smartwatch You Need For Your Next Tournament

TAG Heuer's Golf Edition Connected Is The Only Smartwatch You Need For Your Next Tournament

TAG Heuer's Golf Edition Connected Is The Only Smartwatch You Need For Your  Next Tournament
By Ryanne Co
By Ryanne Co
March 24, 2021
Golfers rejoice as TAG Heuer unveils innovative new features to its popular Connected Watch Golf Edition

Since launching in 2020, the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition has quickly become the timepiece for golfers. But it's more than just a hobbyist's toy; in fact, this tech marvel has become a professional's sidekick. TAG Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault describes it as "a true game-changer that will give any golfer an immediate competitive edge." 

Brand ambassador and professional athlete Tommy Fleetwood says that he loves wearing the watch—both on and off the course. "The features are really well thought out, making the game more precise and I can’t think of a golfer whose game wouldn’t benefit from it." The watch, which comes in an ultra-lightweight 45-mm black titanium case, reflects the refined design of the brand's renowned timepieces. It comes with a special white rubber strap with green stitching but is interchangeable with a black, perforated rubber alternative. Other strap styles are also available for purchase including a black scale pattern, or a strap in khaki.  The watch also comes with exclusive packaging and a travel pouch and golf accessory box. 

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Improved 2D and 3D mapping

For one, the new release features unique mapping technology in both 2D and 3D modes. Now, 2D maps come with even more details, including those for forests and single trees (for better accuracy). 3D map improvements for the mobile application boasts upgrades to include multiple textures (such as water, rough, or freeway) and assets (trees, etc). While this update is available on both iOS and Android, Apple users will be happy to know that thanks to Apple's high-level 3D graphics, the renderings on the watch will be more detailed than ever. There's even a simulated shot trajectory feature to make your experience more realistic than ever. 

Another feature included here is The Driving Zone, which is unique to TAG Heuer. It automatically shows players the landing zone of previous tee shots on accurate, up-to-date maps of over 40,000 courses around the globe. 

Club Recommendation

Not sure which club to use? Let your watch tell you! With the watch, users can set up distances for each club; the watch will then take into account shots used from previous swings to be able to give you the proper recommendation for upcoming shots. 

Enhanced Scoring

Keeping score is key in golf, and thankfully the TAG Heuer watch has this down pat. The revamp of the app now enables users to visualise the score in stroke play, Stableford, or match play. Its built-in Bluetooth connection allows you to connect it to your smartphone for faster synchronisation and a smooth experience. 

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The Wellness App

Staying fit—apart from perfecting your swing—has never been easier. With the introduction of TAG Heuer's Wellness App, the brand's digital ecosystem has expanded to include convenient lifestyle features that aim to keep you healthy and active. The Wellness feature, ingrained in the watch itself, tracks the users biometrics during all daily activities. It allows people to have up to two daily goals and presents one weekly summary to encourage movement and activity. 

The feature allows the wearer to monitor number of steps, exercise intensity, heart rate monitoring, and calories burnt. The best part is that these metrics can be synched to the TAG Heuer Connected mobile app to help track your overall progress. Set your goals (either steps taken or calories burnt), see your progress, and step up your fitness with the TAG Heuer Connected watch or the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition watch. 


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