Tatler Tips: How to Style The Deconstructed Button-Down


April 18, 2017 | BY Monique Madsen

Philippine Tatler's Fashion Editor, Monique Madsen, tell us how to wear the deconstructed button-down. Find how to rock the look here:

The deconstructed shirt trend has become increasingly popular, but it can be quite tricky to pull off.

zara-cut-out-shoulder.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Zara.com

The ever-dependable loose button-down shirt, also known as the boyfriend shirt or laundry day shirt, has gotten a serious fashion makeover.  From high-end designers to high-street brands, they are all giving the office wear staple its out-of-character foray into the runway. Fashionphiles and trendsetters have all been spotted sporting this new-wave shirting. Unexpected slits, coyly exposing one shoulder, ruffled up, gathered at the waist or the back, the possibilities are endless and very exciting.

During a time when “more is more” in fashion, you can do no wrong these days. Shriveled and deconstructed is the sartorial bet! 

Here are a few tips on how to incorporate this trend in your daily wardrobe without looking like a hot mess: 

Keep everything else polished

Monse,-Net-a-Porter-blue-and-white.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Monse, Net-a-Porter.com

This should be easy enough for the less adventurous. In a world where a shirt no longer makes sense, everyone else will be relieved that you didn’t forego the rest of the office dress code and you won’t be mistaken for having gone straight to work after pulling an all-nighter somewhere in Poblacion.

Cinch the waist

victoriabekham.com-.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of www.victoriabeckham.com

Truth be told, not everybody can pull off an oversized shirt. Wear it with a wide belt, yes that’s back - or a corset. You heard right! A corset. That whole innerwear-outerwear trend you keep hearing about is not your worst nightmare coming to life, it could actually be something you may need.

Trend on trend on trend

Monse,-net-a-porter,-navy,red,white.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Monse, Net-a-Porter.com

Do you feel like going all the way, like Victoria Beckham’s off-duty look circa 2017? In that case, embrace the baggy. Loose shirt, loose pants, white sneakers or slip-on mules all the way, because why not, you’re too cool for Monday anyway.

Lady like

zara-loose-button-down-with-shorts.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Zara.com

Keep your look ultra feminine by pairing the oversized and mishapen shirt with an a-line skirt, short shorts, or cullotes - something that accentuates your tiny waist and exposes your shapely calves. You can never go wrong with eye-caching accessories either, the idea of a button-down shirt maybe boring but keep all the fun factor in the details.


zara-strap-back.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Zara.com

If you don’t have the height or the svelte figure, and are afraid that you’ll drown in a loose shirt, then keep everything else snug and tight. Find the perfect balance. A fitted skirt or trousers’ can give you legs for days, for example. Accentuate your best features. 

 Cover photo: Courtesy of Zara.com