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Debonair The Modern Dad | Gutsy Tuason

The Modern Dad | Gutsy Tuason

The Modern Dad | Gutsy Tuason
By Philippine Tatler
June 13, 2019
Tatler Focus
He began his romance with the sea early on in life, and now he's a heavyweight in the world of underwater photography. With "dad" added to his list of titles, Gutsy shares with us how he manages to fuse his passions with fatherhood

Scott Gutsy Tuason is a lover of the natural world and is a celebrated underwater photographer as evident in his award-winning book, Blackwater Open Blue. A stellar example of #TheModernDad, Gutsy is devoted to inspiring his kids to unearth what they're truly passionate about, even at a young age. Watch this video to find out how this world-renowned photographer, dive enthusiast, and the man behind Squires Bingham Sports, manages to be the best version of himself for his family and his passions.

Produced by Charles Bautista, Isabel Martel Francisco, and Shauna Jay Popple Williams Filmed by Kryss Rubio and Angela Arcega


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