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Fashion Three Everyday Objects That Have Been Redesigned For Composting

Three Everyday Objects That Have Been Redesigned For Composting

Three Everyday Objects That Have Been Redesigned For Composting
By Relaxnews
September 09, 2020
Most people know that coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable trimmings are compostable. However, compost or humus can also be derived from some unexpected objects of everyday use such as certain types of diapers, masks and even hoodies.

A Biodegradable Hoodie

After launching a compostable T-shirt that can be turned into humus without polluting your soil, the brand Volleback has unveiled the first compostable hoodie. Made from eucalyptus trees and dyed in a giant vat of pomegranate, this on-trend sweatshirt can decompose in eight weeks when placed underground. The sustainable brand stresses that it "feels like a normal hoodie, looks like a normal hoodie, and lasts as long as a normal hoodie." The only difference being the way it will end its life. It launches this September on

Baby Diapers

Urine and feces are common elements used in fertilizing gardens. However, regular diapers can take between 400 and 450 years to decompose. A new experiment has launched in France to collect diapers in 10 Parisian daycare centers to turn them into compost. It's called "Les couches fertiles" (fertile diapers). In New Zealand, certain shops already sell compostable baby diapers.


They've recently become a daily staple. However, the pollution resulting from tons of disposable surgical masks left on the streets and in the environment has led a French startup to launch an alternative made of natural hemp fibers. The Géochanvre masks are biodegradable and compostable (except for their elastic bands). Note that these masks filter 89% of airborne particles and therefore comply with sanitary guidelines. 


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